That Won’t Work In My Area


‘I’ve tried that before, it doesn’t work in my area.’ ‘That’ll never work here – no one does that.’

Sounds frustrating, right?

Maybe you’ve heard these phrases before.  Or worse, maybe you’ve actually said them before.

You come across a new marketing idea – or one you’ve heard about in the past – and you brush it off with one of those phrases before giving it a chance.

Or maybe you try it, and it doesn’t work like you expected.

But what is really happening is one of three things:

  1. Maybe you don’t really want to do this idea.  Maybe it isn’t your style, doesn’t fit your brand, takes too much time, etc.
  2. You’ve tried to do it, but you didn’t do it exactly the way it was laid out for you to be successful.
  3. You tried it one time, and instead of evaluating what needed changed, you just gave up.

All of these things are ok.  However, they do not mean that an idea ‘will not work in your area.’ 

If it is a marketing idea that you don’t want to try, then simply say that.  ‘I don’t really feel like this would be something I want to do.’

If you tried it and it didn’t work, then you need to think about whether you actually want the idea to work.  If you don’t, then you can move on to something else.  But this is typically where the limited phrase ‘that doesn’t work in my area’ starts to pop up.  Instead of thinking of the bigger picture, many photographers simply put up barriers.  If it didn’t work for them – they way they did it – then it won’t work for anyone.  Simply not true.

But if you do want it to work then you need to take time to evaluate the marketing after it’s over.  Perhaps there are simply one or two details that need changed in order to produce better results.  Perhaps you need to add a few details, or adjust the execution.  And so on.

Successful businesses keep an open mind to all marketing ideas, and evaluate their marketing on an ongoing basis.  No marketing idea is going to work for you 100% the very first time you do it.  Even if it is successful, there will be things that need tweaked.  Creating successful marketing for your senior business requires you to continually evaluate your ideas, research your target market and what they value, and change things up as needed.

I can guarantee you that pretty much any marketing idea can be tailored to ‘work in your area’ if you want it to.  It takes a willingness to do the work that’s required and an idea that fits your brand.

‘But Jen, what about _______?  NO ONE does that in my area at all – it won’t work!’

You know what I just saw in that line above?  OPPORTUNITY.  If no one is doing it, then it means there is an opportunity in there somewhere if you want it.  You may need to lead the pack, and create something new that makes you stand out.  HELL YEAH!!  THIS is what success is about!

Because if someone is already doing it, then you’re going to have less success at it if you simply do what they are already doing.  Why?  Because they are already doing it – why would someone come to you if they could get that same thing somewhere else?

Open your mind.  Keep your options open.  TRY NEW THINGS.


Owning a successful business is not about playing it safe.  If you never take a risk you will never grow.  If you never fail you will never be able to change things up and make them better, so that you stand out and become successful.  I’m not saying to put your entire business on the line every time you do something, but you have to take steps that have a potential for failure in order to become better at something.  If you simply ‘do what everyone else is doing’ in order to play it safe 100% of the time, then you run the biggest risk of all – you end up with a dying business because there is no reason to do business with you versus someone else.

And I have to let you in on a little secret.  You are going to fail.  A LOT.

And that’s not only OK, it’s a good thing.  Every year you will fail at things in your business.  Perhaps every week (I do).  What makes your business successful is how you deal with those failures.  What you learn and what you change lead to new and bigger successes.

So the next time you start to dismiss a marketing idea because you think ‘that won’t work in my area,’ stop yourself and figure out what you’re really trying to say.  And then open your mind to the new opportunity it might be presenting you with.


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