Tara Giles

Puyallup, Washington
FEATURING: Brittany Jacobson

Direct Sunlight

It’s true that keeping your face towards the sun will cause the shadows to always fall behind you. But it’s also true that if your back is towards the sun, it will light the path ahead of you on your journey. And Brittany’s future is so bright! This star athlete not only rocks on the soccer field, but also has the ambition to follow her dreams into the medical field. Wherever her path leads, I know she will find success!

Tara Giles

Tara Giles Photography

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  1. Tara Giles Photography

    Thank you so much for the feature! So exciting for Brittany, as these were images straight from her senior portrait session. And equally exciting for me to see my work being recognized by other professionals. Thank you!!

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