Take A Break… And Don’t Forget The Details

Renee Bowen’s expertise in the art of storytelling is just one of many reasons she draws in clients from all over the United States to her home in Southern California.

Here are a few of her tips for incorporating more storytelling into your own sessions.

Take A Coffee Break

When you’re photographing your client on location, it’s always fun to pop into a coffee shop or a cafe and grab some shots of them sipping a coffee, soda, or milkshake, or even eating an ice cream cone.

Bringing realism and everyday activities into your sessions helps to tell the entire story of your client, which helps to separate you from others in your market.

Does your client have a favorite local boutique or vintage record store they love? Stop in there and ask one of the staff if they would mind if you discreetly grabbed a few images of your client in their store. Be sure to mention how this is one of your client’s favorite places to shop/hangout/etc. to bring them into the story as well.

Don’t Forget The Details

Weddings aren’t the only place where details matter; be sure to grab detail shots of your seniors during their sessions as well!

The details are little visuals that draw you into the bigger picture surrounding the story of your senior. Don’t just focus on what they ‘see’ in real life; by showing glimpses of important details you’re allowing them the ability to visualize and conceptualize in their own mind what’s happening beyond the edge of the photograph.

Detail shots are perfect for albums as well as wall groupings. The more you invoke the viewer’s mind in creative interpretation of the image, the more you will capture and keep their attention.

When shooting details, pay attention to the single point of focus of the image. Composition, light, color (or lack thereof), and purpose are all important when it comes to creating a powerful detail shot.

Examples are a special piece of jewelry (such as an earring, bracelet, necklace, or ring), a great pair of shoes, eyelashes, accessories, an article of clothing, their hair, the bottom of their favorite pair of worn-out running shoes, and the list goes on…

Renee’s clients call these ‘tumblr’ shots because of the aesthetic qualities, and they always include them in their albums they purchase; they help complete the story of who they are!

Learn How To Create ‘WOW!’ Images

In today’s world you can learn basic photography skills almost anywhere. But those will only create basic images at best.

What creates stunning images that grab your attention are the little details and nuances that stop you in your tracks and make you say WOW!

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