Susan Willis

Murphysboro, Illinois
FEATURING: Ashley Randoll

You'll Never Be Royal

What makes royalty? Your family? Your wealth? Your manners? Maybe all of those things. Perhaps none of them. One of the first things I think of about royalty is their skin. Seriously. It’s like they never step foot outside. Where we splurge on facials, it seems to be part of their daily or weekly routine. Even the new Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan Markle has flawless skin. For this shoot I chose one of my senior crew who has beautiful, porcelain skin and is royalty in her own right. While she may never sit on a throne, she was the Queen at their high school Madrigal. She is crazy talented and a genuine joy. The dress she wore for her performances is this beautiful gown designed by Ashley and made by her mom. Mad dress making skills, if you ask me!

Susan Willis

Susan Willis Photography

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