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I read this blog post by Scott Bourne on PhotoFocus recently and it reminded me how important it is for us as photographers and creatives to keep our creative juices flowing and constantly take in content that inspires and pushes us.  Without this we run the risk of being stuck in the same rut, shooting the same things, and not growing, as a person, photographer and business.

Scott offers up 10 simple exercises to help expand your creativity!

1. Buy a big box of crayons, a big pad of paper and start drawing and coloring. Draw shapes and use different colors.

2. Design and dress up in a clown costume. Yes I know it sounds weird but I’ve tried this exercise and believe it or not it opens up your mind in new ways.

3. Study falling water. It can be a waterfall or water dripping from a fountain or a faucet and then make photos of it.

I’ve done a few of them and got some pretty funny looks dressed up as a clown swinging on a swing…

See all ten tips here. If you do this challenge let us know how it worked out for you – share with us in the comments!

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  1. The Light Monkey May 17, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    Nice post Nick! As you know, the creativity meter at our studio is always on high. As I read some of these things it occured to me that things like this are part of Kenani’s Process too. As I look back over the last couple years I can see a pattern emerging!. Kenani will do some crazy project with our kids (halloween costumes, art project, paint a room) and in that moment while she is working with them an idea will start to form and the next thing you know I am running to walmart at 3am for “more coffee filters dammit…and don’t forget hot glue…yeah…definitely more hot glue”. Seems the creative inside may lie dormant unless you poke it once in a while…then watch out! 🙂

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