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One of the most aggravating parts for me while creating a video is often deciding what music to use. Music is a crucial element to every video and is what sets the mood and vibe. I’m very particular with my music choices for video and will sometimes spend 2-3 hours just searching for the right piece.  What further complicates the matter of choosing music, is the need to pick tracks that are not only licensable, but they won’t cost you an arm and leg to do so.

Ron Dawson of DareDreamer Magazine wrote a great article on how to legally use music in your videos, and the consequences that can arise when not doing so.  You can read his post here.

To sum it all up, any music you use with your video must be licensed specifically for that use.  If you just grab the new Justin Bieber song from iTunes and toss it into your video you still haven’t purchased the license to use it for  video, and you open yourself up to legal action.  When I first started working for 3 girls photography, and then started creating the videos for SeniorsIgnite, I made a conscious decision to only use music that we had obtained permission and a license to use.  The last thing I would ever want is to create a situation that leaves someone open to a potential lawsuit especially when it is so simple to avoid.

As we started putting more and more videos out, the problem changed from finding legal music to use, to finding GOOD music to use.  There are a ton of sites & services out there that license music, but unfortunately most of what they offer isn’t something I’d ever pair with a project I was working on.  However I found a site that solved the licensing issues and the “good” music problem.

I’ve been using to legally and inexpensively license music for our 3 girls videos for a few months now.  SongFreedom is a great resource and something I’m very glad I found.  Their music offerings include indie artists similar to those that are found on the latest fashion videos from FreePeople, American Eagle etc, and the Top 40 tracks your seniors know and love.

Here is one example of a Song Freedom used for one the 3 girls video.


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