Senior Model Shoot at the Ace Hotel with Jennifer Tori [Part Two]

Model: Alyssa at the Ace Hotel

Yesterday Jennifer walked us through a senior model shoot at the Jackalope Ranch. Today she takes us behind the scenes at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.

The second shooting location at the Seniors Ignite Next is Now event was the Ace Hotel,which has a really cool relaxed 70’s vibe.  So for Lena’s first outfit I chose a brown vest with teal flare jeans since bright colored pants are in style this season.  Alyssa wore a pink and purple ombre button-up blouse with brown velvet pants.  To add a bit of drama and texture to the look we were going for we teased their hair.  We also amped up their makeup by adding additional colors into their eye shadow.  I photographed Lena for the most part during this session, and I had an amazing time shooting her in this outfit at the Ace.  She fit right in; she totally had that hippie vibe during the shoot so we both just ran with it.  Whenever I’m shooting I am always looking for props to play with, so we took advantage of the awesome rope decor in the front lobby, along with a guitar and some canvas curtains leading to the patio.  I always love having a chance to incorporate additional elements like these.

Model: Lena at the Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel

For the second half of the Ace shoot I was with Alyssa (and then finished up shooting both girls together).  Lena’s second outfit was a fun, white fringy vest with a lace bra top, some multi-colored shorts, and amazing lace-up leather boots.  Alyssa’s second outfit was a sequined black-and-silver top with hot, red high-waisted shorts and some really fun black studded heels.  Alyssa, Naz (my makeup artist) and I found a really cool old light-up arrow sign that was fun to pose with.  Then I found a large warehouse door that was completely covered in windows, which creates beautiful reflective light as well as reflections of the model when she leans against it.  So I had Alyssa pose next to it, and I loved the outcome!  Once we explored a little more I found a really cool tree with mini oranges, which looked like something really fun to play with.  I ended the day with a few shots of Lena in an awesome rope-and-iron chair and one shot of my two girls together.

Alyssa and Lena are both from Ventura, CA, but attend two different schools.  I am always a little worried about putting together two strangers that have to work so closely together.  However, both girls love modeling and were so much fun that I knew they would have a great time together – I think it was only natural that they would become great friends.  Both girls said it was the most amazing experience of their life, and had so much fun getting to see all the different locations and feel like real models for two days shooting everywhere.  We were completely wiped out by the end but only because we had too much fun the whole time!  Seniors Ignite was such a truly AMAZING experience – for me, shooting, and for the girls, modeling!

Model: Alyssa at the Ace Hotel

Below are images from the model shoot at the Ace Hotel. Click on any image to view larger.


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