7 Senior Photography and Marketing Links for the Weekend

A few good articles to read this weekend on marketing and business for senior photographers.

The Photo Collective
The first two articles are from the Collective. Andy Bondurant is owner and editor on the Collective and there are a lot of really fantastic articles on senior marketing and business. It’s one of my favorite industry sites.

The first article is from Chris Routt, also known as Mr Foto, on how to boost your sales. Incentives the Key to Growing the Senior Bottom Line.

The second article from Jen Basford covers Marketing Essentials for High School Seniors – The Basics of High School Senior Marketing.

How to Specialize in High School Senior Portraits
In this article John Pyle talks about what he does to stand out in the senior market in his area. Check out his site too. Seniors Ignite has an awesome workshop with John coming up very soon. How to specialize in High School Senior Portraits.

Direct Mail Works
Lots of fantastic articles on the Joy of Marketing, including this one with tips on getting a better return on direct mail. Direct Mail is still one of the most effective ways to reach seniors when done right. While your there, check out tons of great senior marketing ideas from over 20 industry Pros. Direct Mail Guidelines.

Business Plan WorkBook and Goal Sheet – Free Download
This isn’t senior portrait specific, but it is such a fantastic resource I had to share it. Lori Nordstrom, owner of Pro Photo Talk Forum is an excellent resource for business and marketing for pro photographers. On the Pro Photo Talk blog, you can sign up for a free business planning guide and workbook. The guide is invaluable. You’ll find it here.

6 Tips on using Pinterest for Business
Are you using Pinterest? Social Media Examiner has 6 Easy tips for using Pinterest to generate more traffic. Using Pinterest for Business.

Shtuff people say to Photographers
A little photographer humor – Just came across this video again over at Digital Photography School.




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