Scouting Locations for The San Diego Event

A few weeks back I went on a scouting trip out to San Diego, California, for our 2013 Seniors Ignite Event.  I had 3 goals during the trip.  The first was to meet with Paradise Point, the amazing resort location of our event.  The second was to scout the San Diego area to come up with the awesome locations where we were going to shoot at during the event (in addition to the resort). And the third goal was to shoot promo images and video.

When I got the green light for the trip I quickly got my bags packed and itinerary locked down.  I’m originally from California, so I was very excited to get back, escaping the Oklahoma heat.  It was also great because several of my friends and family live in the San Diego area.  Another bonus?  The incredible Jennifer Tori was coming to shoot promo images of the models while I filmed the shoots and locations and scouted.

When I landed in San Diego it seemed as if I couldn’t have picked a better time to visit.  The typical “June gloom” that is common in San Diego had disappeared and I had 4 days of beautiful, sunny 80 degree weather.  Perfect for being outside all day scouting incredible locations!

After picking up my rental car Thursday morning I met up with a friend for coffee in Little Italy and then headed up to Balboa Park.  Balboa Park is a 1200 acre urban park that was built in 1868 using Spanish Colonial and Mission Revival style architecture.  Filled with museums, gardens and even a carousel, I realized quickly that this was THE perfect place to shoot our Seniors Ignite Models. It has amazing leading lines, lush vegetation, and literally hundreds of potential spots to photograph.

I spent several hours shooting and walking around, getting very excited to shoot here again in the spring!  Check out our images from Balboa Park and the event video below to see more. And be sure to check back next week as we talk about the other locations for the 2013 Seniors Ignite Event!


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