Renee Bowen’s Seniors Ignite Experience

I had the pleasure of attending Seniors Ignite this year and I have nothing but positive things to say about the entire experience. Although I have been shooting senior portraits for years, I still found inspiration and excitement watching and learning from the other photographers. I really believe that no matter what your skill level, there is always something to learn – and just like anything in life, you’ll get out of an experience what you put into it. I loved meeting and socializing with all the other like-minded photographers and can’t wait for next year’s event!

It was incredibly fun to see my model Madi Boggio’s expression when she found out that she was a National Seniors Ignite Model winner and would be attending the event with me! She was so excited – and her feedback on the event was all giggles and smiles. Madi is a natural in front of the camera but had never really modeled before; she was nervous – but quickly relaxed in the hands of the incredibly capable and phenomenal Seniors Ignite photographers from all over the country. She had a BLAST – her mother told me that after being there for 3 days, she didn’t know how she was going to unravel her – she had become so spoiled during that time and felt like a princess! Everyone was so nice and excited to be there…. it was a truly wonderful experience for her.

On our last day, I took Madi out for a shoot on the beach at Paradise Point… it was a hazy, overcast day but we still got some great shots that showed off her Torey Praver Swimwear (who also happens to be her cousin).  We also scored an awesome pro surfboard for the shoot! I’m really happy with how these images turned out and Madi loved them!

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