I’ve read hundreds of blogs written by phenomenal photographers, watched a gagillion YouTube videos on studio workflow, photo-editing, and a multitude of other photography related topics, and immersed myself in [literally] thousands of hours relating to anything and everything associated with photography. Why? Because I have an intense passion for my craft, and I LOVE learning about interesting concepts, innovative techniques, new philosophies and really anything connected to photography.

Included in these methods of learning are numerous local and national conferences where I would sit through exciting talks on all sorts of business building topics. This was by far the most connection, even if only from afar, that I would get with other photographers.  Artists, whom I looked up to and some who I even felt unworthy of looking their way, let alone actually having a conversation with them.  Which many times ,when faced with this incredible opportunity, I would unfortunately opt to remain a wall flower.  They just seemed so ‘bigger than life’ to little studio, and income me.  Thankfully, even with this awe-struck insecurity, I always managed to come away challenged with something exciting that I wanted to apply to my business or photography.  The downside, unfortunately, was that the payout for attending these conferences was many times substantial.  In the thousands.  What it always came down to was a matter of payout vs. payoff for me.  Continually torn as to whether or not I had the disposable income to attend one of the conferences, as well as having to choose which one would give me the best bang for my buck- I was always forced to let some of them go.  Thankfully, I choose correctly and won the lottery when after a few years of returning to the same conference, I became friends with the likes of Kenani Brandon, Jen Basford, John Pyle, Kia Bondurant, Nancy Nardi, Ken Kneringer….the list goes on. [Yes, I realize I am name dropping right now…get over it] WINNING!  My photography began to soar.  I began to shoot better, became more creative, started to realize my potential, and I have grown in more ways personally and professionally than I can tell you.

Recently, I had the incredible privilege of hanging out for an entire week at 3 girls photography, in Edmond, Oklahoma.  It was an impromptu studio visit for myself set up on short notice.  Basically I would be hanging out with studio owner Jen Basford, where we would be shooting, gleaning from, and sharing information back and forth.  We would both come away with more knowledge and creativity than we had before we got together.  But what started as a one-on-one visit, quickly became a dream meeting of some of my most respected artists. I found myself sitting around a table, working side by side with Jen, Kenani Brandon, Nancy Nardi, and Nick Sharples, the amazing creative artist and driving force behind all the videos played on the Seniors Ignite website.  The creative energy that was flowing was unstoppable.  I found that shooting with Jen was so natural and comfortable, that we playfully argued as to who was going to make the move to a new city where we could set up shop together.  The critique of my logo, website, and overall branding by all of them was something that was invaluable, and Kenani took it upon herself to create a new kick-ass logo for my studio.  WININING!   I could write 5 more blog posts about all the insight, ideas, and inspiration that I took away from that meeting. [I’m on it, Jen!]

But more than anything, what I took away from this visit, is the invaluable education I got from just being with these artists.  Now, I realize that you may not have photographers that you can call up and set up an impromptu studio visit with, but you do have Seniors Ignite.  You have the knowledge and insight of all the contributing photographers and they are more than willing to share it with you.  That is the heart of this group- to share, to encourage, to teach, and to ignite your business.  Look through this website, read the posts, look at the images, and most importantly, purchase the workshops. Purchase the workshops. Really!  This may sound like a promo…but think about it, where can you have a photographer such as John Pyle telling you about every aspect of his business. When you purchase his video workshop, you get to hang out with him as he takes you through his entire workflow from booking and shooting to digital editing/retouching and ordering.  And the great thing is, you can stop the video, rewind it, watch it over and over, and if you are like me, pause the video strategically and look at the ENTIRE surrounding to see little glimpses of the way things are set up, products that he is selling, creative ways that he displays his portraits, where his lights are set up….heck, where he puts his Ray Bans, when he is looking through his viewfinder.  Take it all in.  There are going to be many workshops that will be available on the Seniors Ignite page, and for a fraction of the cost of attending even a local conference, you can have several of them right in your studio.   And because I know John Pyle, as well as the rest of the contributors, I can confidently say that all of them are as willing to talk to you when you attend the spring conference.

So what are you waiting for?  Order and download John Pyle’s workshop as well as the others that will be coming available over the next few months.  You will get great insight into these studios, be inspired to take your business to the next level and find new, creative ways to do some of the things you are already doing.

Taking inspiration from a popular commercial:

  • Cost of purchasing new equipment, backgrounds and software:  $7500
  • Time spent spinning my wheels in my business in dollars: $1500
  • Investing in a top notch workshop that will walk me through a day in the life of a successful studio:  priceless


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