Photograph Product Images For Your Website

In order to generate more interest and establish greater value for your work, you need to use storytelling to get potential clients to visualize themselves using your products. This type of experiential marketing creates emotional connections with your audience and shows them why products are so important.

One powerful way to do this is by photographing product images for your website.

Don’t just ‘tell’ your audience about your products, use stories and visuals to show them. By talking about your products through storytelling on your website, you’re making suggestions and educating your audience as to not only why they need pictures but also what they are supposed to do with them.

By establishing yourself as the expert in how to display images, you create higher demand for your services and increase your value to target clients. These stories give them ideas for their own session, and how to plan ahead for displaying the images from that session.

This creates a big way for you to stand out and really set yourself apart in your market. Instead of just ‘selling products’ you are using your products to educate and market to your clients in ways they relate to and emotionally connect with.

Start by photographing your products in the environment where they should be displayed. This shows your audience how to ‘use’ the product and how it fits into their lives through the use of lifestyle images.

Keep in mind that the stories in your images should answer the following questions for potential clients:

  • Why do I need this?
  • Why is this important?
  • What will this do for me?

You also want to create examples of how to display each of your products in homes.

You can stage these items in your own studio, and you can also go to your actual ideal target homes to stage and photograph them.

Here are some examples of things you want to show with photographs of your products:

  • How the book looks on a coffee table.
  • How your client enjoys looking through the book, or showing it to a friend.
  • How a wall grouping looks great incorporated into the decor of the home.
  • How a wall grouping works together to tell a story about your client in their home.
  • How a single impact image can bring together the decor in a small area.

TIP: Surround your products with high-end and name brand items. This creates a high-end impression by associating your products with those things. It also gives you an answer for people who may not think that displaying photographs is ‘high-end,’ and it lends credibility to your pricing.

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