Mario Lake

South Lyon, Michigan
FEATURING: Maddy, Brie, Laela, Kareena, Shelby, Amanda, Jiordan, Jayla + MaKayla

Ocean's 8

No one would suspect how beautiful and accomplished looking women could pull off one of the biggest diamond heist that’s typically dominated by men. Why? Because “a ‘him’ gets noticed, a ‘her’ gets ignored” – Sandra Bullock. There’s no ignoring our models who were chosen to grace the photos illustrating the movie, Oceans 8. This blockbuster isn’t just a diamond heist movie. It’s a movie that symbolizes girl power, confidence, sophistication and making the impossible happen. Our models represent these same qualities. Each of our gems bring a specific characteristic and energy to the photo shoots, and together they create a beautiful photograph. I can see why diamonds are a girls best friend!

Mario Lake

MLD Seniors
Makeup Artist: Mary Lake

2 thoughts on “Featured Photographer: Mario Lake”

    1. Thank you Janet! We had an amazing time with the girls shooting this theme. We even had a nice little outing to go see the movie.

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