Julie Goerler

Brookville, Indiana
FEATURING: Sam, Kylie, Kelsey, Abby, Katie + Hannah

Ocean's 8

Sam was the collaborator with this shoot. I asked her to write her story about why she wanted to do a Girl Power photoshoot.
Sam: “Being a woman is more than being feminine. It’s a matter of being emotionally strong, smart, passionate, loving, and nurturing. That is why I chose to do a girl power photoshoot. I wanted to empower women and make them feel like their best selves so that they can remember how beautiful they are and what they bring to this world. I wanted to capture how strong women are and I think the photos really emphasize the strength every woman holds within herself. The future is female. Women are standing up and taking control of their lives in every aspect and we are making waves, and that’s exactly what this photoshoot captured.”

Julie Goerler

Julie G Photography

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