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Create a highly profitable photography business around the lifestyle you want to live.


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Stop struggling to figure it all out on your own. With Seniors Ignite you'll get everything you need - month after month - to create, build, and grow a highly desirable and profitable business. No matter what stage you're at right now.

Be Worth MORE

Your time is valuable, and so are the services and experience you offer. We'll show you how to move up to the next level for your business and get to the level of success that's right for you.


Amy J. Reinert

Amy J Studios

“This has been the craziest week of my business life to date. But I have come to realize something. My business has grown. Grown exponentially.

Back story: Several years ago I met Patrick and Cassie McBride. Patrick encouraged me to join Seniors Ignite before I even started with seniors. With their guidance my business went from literally nothing, to so busy I wish I could clone myself! And I love every last second of it!

I was able to quit my teaching job and go full time into photography. There is NO WAY I could have done this alone, or simply with some advice here and there I can pick up roaming from group to group. It is because of the amazing leaders of Seniors Ignite that I am where I'm at today, something I am very proud of. I can tell you first hand how important it is to associate with the right people!”

HEADSHOT - Jennifer Helmka - SQUARE

Jennifer Helmka

Jennifer Helmka, Photographer

“I joined Seniors Ignite without question because I knew that it would be worth every penny for my business.

EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE of information and education I have gotten from Seniors Ignite is always way ahead of any other group that I've ever participated in... ANY. This is the #1 reason that I've gotten too busy!

Seniors Ignite is always first to the table and I always see the rest of the Senior Industry follow suit within a month or two. Jen Basford, Nancy Nardi, Renee Bowen, and Patrick McBride are a wealth of real and honest information. And they change, adapt and listen to members for our benefit. The value of Seniors Ignite is so valuable beyond anything I had ever imagined it to be when I first signed up for one of their programs three years ago.”

1. Create WOW Images

Become a better and more creative photographer with stunning and relevant images that grab their attention and get them talking.



2. Book More Clients (the right ones)

Create a highly desirable business and book more of the right clients who love what you do and pay what you're worth.



3. Get Higher Sales (consistently)

Stop 'taking orders' from your clients and get consistent high sales with the right pricing as well as confidence in your expertise to guide them through the process.



4. Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

In today's market you've got to go beyond just mastering the basics of business and photography if you want to be successful. In order to create a profitable and sustainable business you've got to surround yourself with innovative and diverse leaders who know exactly how to stay ahead of the game and lead the way by creating interest and desire in their market year round.

Did You Know...

that over 80% of all photography businesses fail?


The fact is, most photographers spend too much time working on the wrong things in their business. And it's not getting them the results they want and need.

To build and sustain a successful and profitable photography business you need to know how to:

  • Create an experience worth paying for
  • Attract and book the right type of clients
  • Offer the right products and services
  • Price yourself for the profit you need
  • Get consistent high sales
  • Expertly style your clients for their sessions
  • Create a website that connects and converts

Not to mention you have to be able to create WOW images and storytelling content that capture your market's attention and make them want more.

Get there faster with the help of real working pros who can take you from surviving to thriving.

How Does Monthly Membership Work?

Every month members get brand new education, strategies, tips, and more to help them succeed in every area of their creative business.


Content is delivered each week in your private Members-Only website area.

You can access all of your past materials at any time for as long as you remain an active member, so that you can learn, review, implement, and progress at the pace that's right for you.

FREE All-Access Pass to ALL Monthly Master Classes

Seniors Ignite Master Classes are bite-sized, digestible deep dives into specific topics of your creative business.

How it works:

There is a brand new Master Class released each and every month.
Once you join, full access to all current and future Master Classes is included for free with your membership.

November 2018 Master Class: Pricing for Profit

Upcoming Master Class Topics Include:
Higher Sales | The New Senior Model Program | Aspirational Marketing | Influencer Marketing
| Business Planning | Branding
and much more...

NOTE: Master Classes start at $199 per class for non-members,
but are included free with your paid monthly membership.

Book More Clients

Monthly Marketing Ideas

Each month you'll get a brand new marketing strategy for your business to help you increase interest and desire in your market all year long. We'll show you how to truly stand out and create a highly desirable business, so that you book more of the clients you want.

Stay Relevant + Increase Desire

Monthly Themed Shooting Challenges

Each month we release a brand new Themed Shooting Challenge for our members. Participating in the challenges gives you ways to work with current clients (or senior models), or attract new clients, while pushing you to become a better and more creative photographer. You will also be able to create brand new marketing content each month that keeps you front and center – and more importantly, relevant – with your target market.

Keep Your Clients Raving

Monthly Client Love Tips

Seniors Ignite Leader Renee Bowen’s clients can’t stop gushing about her, beginning with their initial contact and extending long past their final pickup. Each month she’ll share a meaty tip from her own business to show you how to get your clients to market for you by raving to their friends all year long.

Get Help Where You Need It

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

Stop trying to figure things out all on your own. Or worse, with advice from photographers who aren't successful or profitable. With membership in Seniors Ignite you get 24/7 access to the Seniors Ignite Leaders in our private members-only Facebook group so that you can ask questions and get help exactly where you need it in your business. This highly diverse, yet like-minded group of photographers and leaders also gives members a safe and encouraging environment to connect with each other, to build and strengthen powerful relationships, and collaborate on ideas.

Become A Better Photographer

Monthly Image Critiques

Hearing that your images are ‘nice,’ or having someone tell you that ‘they love them,’ is not helpful to you as a photographer. In order to improve your photography and create better images, you need to find out what is and what is not working. Each month members can submit images to be personally critiqued by Seniors Ignite Leader Patrick McBride. By hearing not only what you could improve, but also how you could improve it, you’ll get the action steps you need to progress further and become more confident.

Get Nationally Featured

Submit Your Challenge Images

Each month you can choose to submit your images from that month's challenge to Seniors Ignite for the possibility of being selected for featured publication on the national Undiscovered website. Submissions will be judged on creativity, relevance to the theme, and photographic skill. Photographers whose images are selected for feature will receive exclusive web badges to show off their status and expertise to their market and to their peers.

Membership in Seniors Ignite gets real results for photographers just like you.

HEADSHOT - Jess Roberts

Jess Roberts
Barefoot Photography

"Seniors Ignite gives me all the strategies I need to continually reach my target market.

Having multiple leaders gives me expertise and advice from all genres, experience, and locations.

From technical to business to client experience and more, I get all the resources I need with my Seniors Ignite membership!"


Kate DeCoste
Kate DeCoste Photography

"There are SO many thing I love about being a member of Seniors Ignite. For started, the education I've received is OFF the charts!

Seniors Ignite also pushes me outside my comfort zone in my business, and more potential clients are seeing and booking me because of that.

Honestly, this group keeps me pushing and striving to be better than I was yesterday!"


Julie Goerler
Julie G Photography

"Every single aspect of the industry (and more) is covered with the Seniors Ignite leaders. Membership gives me everything I need - the help, the guidance, and the information - to have a successful business.

I love that I don't have to figure it all out and come up with ideas on my own. This saves SO much time and they give us exactly what this generation is looking for!"

Is Membership For You?

Membership is for all full-time, part-time, and side-hustling photographers who want to skip the stress and struggle of trying to figure everything out on their own.

The full-time studio owner who wants to shoot less and make more so they can live the lifestyle they dream of.
The hobbyist who wants to turn their photography into a profitable side hustle or full-time business.
The brand-new photographer who wants to save time and money and get it RIGHT from the start.
The full or part-time location photographer who wants to make a living that supports a lifestyle with freedom.
The experienced photographer who wants to take their business to the next level of success.
Anyone who wants to increase their photography and business skills, and generate higher sustainable income - no matter where you are right now.

Join Seniors Ignite Today

only $35/month

Here's What You Get With Your Membership:

An Unlimited ALL-ACCESS PASS to all Seniors Ignite Master Classes (beginning the month you join).

Monthly Marketing Ideas to book more of the clients you want.

Monthly Client Love Tips to keep your clients raving all year long.

Monthly Themed Shooting Challenges to stay relevant and increase desire for your services.

Monthly Image Critiques to find out what's working - and what isn't - in your photography.

Members-Only Facebook Group to get help exactly where and when you need it.

Get Featured Nationally when you submit your challenge images each month for possible publication.

Membership is 100% Risk Free.
There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

This isn't education for the masses. Membership in Seniors Ignite is highly personalized to help you and your experience be worth more.

See what our members are saying...

HEADSHOT - Susan Gietka

Susan Gietka
Susan Grace Photography

"Three years ago I committed to going to a Seniors Ignite event in California. At the time I photographed all genres - babies, families, and even a few weddings. Sure I had a few seniors sprinkled in here and there, but not many. During the event I was inspired to follow my dream and become a seniors-only photographer. Here in New Jersey that is completely unheard of, because photographing high school seniors is not really a 'thing' yet.

Seniors Ignite empowered me to remove every other genre from my business, and gave me the courage to specialize in photographing only seniors! Even though this was a big leap for me, I have absolutely no regrets. I am in love with my job, and Seniors Ignite pushes me to stay creative and on top of the current trends in the business.

Membership in Seniors Ignite helps me to stand out in a sea of photographers doing the same thing. I love how it pushes me beyond my creative limits and challenges me to learn and practice new techniques!"


Lisa Smith
Studio Panache

"This past year was rough for me. It was full of both personal and business struggles, including dissolving a partnership and leaving a business that I had poured 5 years of my life into. I have been part of Seniors Ignite for over 3 years now, and with their help I was able to start fresh. The support, encouragement, and guidance from the Seniors Ignite family during this transition has made all the difference!

The business and marketing information I’ve gotten from Membership in Seniors Ignite gave me all the tools I needed to power through my new business startup as well. For the first time in my career I feel like I’m in exactly the place I need to be. The Seniors Ignite family is, no doubt, my favorite thing about being a member! I love that we are all at different parts of our business journey and have a variety skill levels, yet we each value what every member brings to the group.

Also, having multiple leaders with a wide variety of expertise is critical. Knowing that you have a wealth of information collectively is crazy valuable, but knowing that each leader excels in certain areas gives me confidence that I will get the best information there is for my business."

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