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The Power Of Community

Surround yourself with the best and fast track your success.

You’ve probably noticed a shift happening in the photography industry lately.

‘Getting your name out there’ will never bring you any clients. And senior photographers face some very unique challenges that other photographers don’t.

To be successful and make money with senior photography in today’s senior market you need to surround yourself with highly profitable working senior photographers who are at the level of success where you want to be. Who understand the specific struggles that come with making money in senior photography.

The Seniors Ignite Membership Program is the missing piece that is going to connect everything together for your senior business.



Create a Highly Desirable Business and Book More of the Clients You Want

Our innovative and diverse leaders know exactly how to stay ahead of the game and lead the way, creating interest and desire in their market year round.

They’ll show you how to do this in your business each month with brand new marketing tips that will show you how to truly stand out and become highly desirable, so that you book more of the seniors you want.



Learn How To Create Stunning Images That Make Your Clients Say WOW!

In today’s world you can learn basic photography skills almost anywhere. But those will only create basic images at best.

What creates stunning images that grab your attention are the little details and nuances that stop you in your tracks and make you say WOW!

Each month you’ll get shooting and editing tips from the Seniors Ignite leaders that will help you incorporate these details into your own photography so that you can take your images from ‘nice’ to ‘WOW!’


Become a Better Photographer

Hearing that your images are ‘nice,’ or having someone tell you that ‘they love them,’ is not helpful to you as a photographer.

In order to improve your photography and create better images, you need to find out what is and what is not working. And having a professional with years of experience and credibility give you direct feedback will help to increase your skill and impact as a photographer.

That’s why each month members can submit images to be personally critiqued by Seniors Ignite Leader Patrick McBride. By hearing not only what you could improve, but also how you could improve it, you’ll get the action steps you need to progress further and become more confident.



Create New Marketing Content Each Month and Get Nationally Featured

Each month we’ll release a new Themed Shooting Challenge for our Seniors Ignite Members to participate in. Challenge Themes will be released 3 months at a time so that you have plenty of time to plan your shoots.

Members can then work together, and get help directly from the Seniors Ignite leaders, to plan, create, and shoot each challenge.

By participating in the Monthly Themed Shooting Challenges you will be able to create brand new marketing content each month that keeps you front and center – and more importantly, relevant – with your target market.

Participating in the Challenges also gives you ways to work with current clients (or senior models), or attract new clients, while pushing you to become a better and more creative photographer.

You’ll also have the opportunity each and every month to submit images from that Month’s Challenge for the possibility of being selected for publication on the national Seniors Ignite website.

Featured photographers who are published each month will receive exclusive Seniors Ignite website badges to show off their status and expertise to their market and their peers.


Hang Out With Us LIVE and Get Help Exactly Where You Need It

The best conversations always happen when you’re hanging out with your friends at happy hour.

Join our Threesome LIVE: Each month you will be able to hangout LIVE with Seniors Ignite Leaders Jen, Renee, and Patrick (the ‘threesome’) during the Seniors Ignite Happy Hour as they answer all of your questions, discuss hot topics and trends, and bring you 3 different perspectives on what it takes to be profitable and truly successful.

Plus, we’ll also regularly take you behind-the-curtain with us live for an exclusive look into real working successful senior businesses (both home and retail studios). We’re giving our members access to all areas of our businesses so that they can see how things really operate behind the scenes.



Overcome Challenges With the Support of Our Collaborative Community… and Tacos

Stop trying to figure things out on your own.

Members can connect with each other in a private Facebook group, giving them a safe place to build and strengthen valuable relationships, collaborate with leaders and other members, and get personalized support when they need it.

With membership in Seniors Ignite you get 24/7 access to a highly diverse, yet like-minded group of photographers and leaders who celebrate each other’s differences. Which can help reduce the cost of current or future therapy as well (it can be tough being in business for yourself!).

We also celebrate tacos. A lot. With margaritas.


Keep Your Clients Raving and Increase Your Fashion Expertise

Seniors Ignite Leader Renee Bowen’s clients can’t stop gushing about her, beginning with their initial contact and extending long past their final pickup.

Each month she’ll share a tip from her own business that shows you how she gets her clients to market for her by raving to their friends all year long.

Seniors Ignite Leader Jen Basford is well known for her fashion expertise and style, and has incorporated that deep into her brand.

Each month she’ll share a fashion tip with you to help you stay ahead of the competition and incorporate this into your own business.



24/7 Access to All Seniors Ignite Education

Members get full access to all of our marketing products and courses, sales courses, online workshops, and videos in the Seniors Ignite Archives.

These foundations for a successful and profitable senior photography business include:

  • The Model Marketing System (Jen Basford’s senior model program)
  • Simply Sold (the complete photography sales course to get you consistent higher sales)
  • Get SEEN Marketing Kit (a year round marketing plan for your business)
  • The Prom and Dance Workshop (learn how to make money with marketing dance events)
  • Seniors Uncut and It’s The Experience (two complete start-to-finish online workshops)
  • And much, much more…
In order to successfully navigate the uncharted waters of the ever-changing senior industry you need to be a member of a team who has your back.

Membership is 100% Risk Free

There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.


Anyone who wants to run a highly successful and profitable senior photography business – whether it’s part-time or full-time, home-based or studio-based.

Whether you’ve been in business for years, or you’re just starting out.

Membership is for those who are tired of trying to figure it out alone, and want to surround themselves with photographers who are already at the level of success where you want to be. For those who want a community – or rather, a family – of profitable senior-focused photographers to help them navigate the uncharted waters of today’s senior market.

Give Yourself Permission To Be Successful

When you join and become a member of Seniors Ignite, you’re no longer depending on help from photographers in free Facebook groups who may not understand how to successfully address the challenges of a senior photographer.

Or worse, who aren’t making any money in their own senior business.

Seniors Ignite Membership is about arming you with a team that’s on your side. Who ‘gets it’ and is there to show you that making money in senior photography can not only be done, but is also filled with tremendous opportunity…

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Here's What You Get With Your Membership

  • Monthly Marketing Ideas to help you Create a Highly Desirable Business and Book More of the Clients You Want
  • Monthly Shooting and Editing Tips to show you how to Create Stunning Images That Make Your Clients Say WOW!
  • Monthly Image Critiques that will help you Become a Better Photographer
  • Monthly Themed Shooting Challenges so that you can Create New Marketing Content and Get Nationally Featured
  • Monthly LIVE Hangouts at the Seniors Ignite Happy Hour so that you can Get Help Exactly Where You Need It
  • Membership in a Private Collaborative Community to help you Overcome Challenges in Your Business
  • Monthly Client Love and Fashion Tips to Keep Your Clients Raving About You and Increase Your Fashion Expertise
  • 24/7 Access to the Seniors Ignite Archives with all of our Senior Photography Education, Online Workshops, Products, Templates and more…
Membership is only $35 a month when you join today.

Answers To Your Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Due to PayPal’s limitations with recurring payments, we are unable to offer PayPal as a payment option.

Where will I find all my member benefits?

Once you join the Seniors Ignite Membership Program, you will be granted access to the Private Member Area when you log into your Seniors Ignite Account.

All benefits and new information will be released here each month.

How do I access the private Members Only Facebook Group?

Once you join the Seniors Ignite Membership Program you will receive an email with the link to request access to the private Seniors Ignite Membership Facebook Group.

One of our Admins will approve your membership as soon as possible.

Do I have to submit images for the Shooting Challenge each month?

No, not at all. However, by doing so you have the opportunity to possibly be selected to be featured on the Seniors Ignite website for industry recognition from your peers and colleagues, using it to stand out even more with your target client as an ‘expert’ in your industry.

There are many ways for you to incorporate the Monthly Themed Shooting Challenges into your business, such as working with your senior models, current clients, or even new clients to create new images and experiences to set yourself apart as well as new marketing content for your senior business each month.

How do I submit images for the Monthly Shooting Challenge?

The submission form for the monthly shooting challenges will be found in your private Member Area on your Seniors Ignite Account.

Am I locked in to membership for a set period of time?

No. Your Seniors Ignite Membership is setup as a recurring monthly membership program that automatically renews for you each month.

There are no contracts for membership, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds of any payments made or exchanges for any reason.

You may, however, cancel future payments (as well as your membership) at any time without penalty.

To cancel your membership, you will need to actively log into your account on Seniors Ignite and cancel your membership from your account page. We are unable to process cancellations for you, and refunds are unable to be issued for failure to follow the cancellation procedures above. In compliance with privacy laws, our system processes your cancellation automatically the moment you actively cancel it (so be sure that you are ready to do so at that time) and cannot issue refunds prior to that point in time.

Our downloadable products have been tested and work flawlessly with all modern browsers and software. If you are using an outdated browser, computer or software you will not be able to experience that flawlessness.

Seniors Ignite will not be held responsible, nor will any refunds be given, for computers not working properly, or computers that are missing or have outdated software.

Please make sure you have current and working versions of Adobe Reader, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Quicktime, and that your browser, computer and operating system are up to date and working.

Member Code of Conduct

RULES & legalese SUCK.

We don’t like rules and complicated processes. It makes our creative brains hurt, and it’s a buzzkill.

However, we also know how detrimental it can be to the success of any program when the environment becomes toxic from people who complain, who criticize, are mean, who steal, are untrustworthy, and are just all around jerks.

It saps the energy from everyone and stifles openness, trust, growth and creativity. We want what’s best for the safety of our members, now and in the future.

Which is why we have a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behavior.

If you display any of this type of behavior, you will be unceremoniously removed from the Seniors Ignite Membership Program, your membership canceled, and you will no longer be welcome to participate in the community.

Seniors Ignite strives to provide a positive and encouraging environment for our clients. Anyone that is disruptive or negatively influences this environment, or is a threat to other members, will have their membership revoked. This is at the sole discretion of Seniors Ignite.

The success of the Seniors Ignite Membership Program is closely related to our reputation, and it’s up to all of us to protect that reputation.

Examples of behaviors that are immediate cause for removal from Seniors Ignite:

  • Bad-mouthing a photographer to others (in your own market, the photography industry, or anywhere else)
  • Targeting a member’s clients
  • Badmouthing Seniors Ignite or its related events anywhere online (whether publicly, privately, or in a secret group)
  • Using Seniors Ignite strategies in your own workshops and presentations and passing it off as your own product (which is also a copyright violation, and comes with its own set of legal issues and financial penalties)
  • Charging in any way for sharing the Seniors Ignite Membership information to others
  • You need someone to blame for your dismal sales figures, and you go on the attack with bad behavior (complaining repeatedly, accusing other people, badmouthing on social media, and the list goes on)

To protect the integrity and trust of all Seniors Ignite members and studios, we have a few things we need to make clear.

Our leaders and members share their time, expertise, and mentoring, and have made a financial commitment to making this work for their studios and others.

As a Seniors Ignite Member photographer you are agreeing to commit to complete confidentiality between and among all members of the group.

Anything said, shared, given, or received within the group is done with complete current and future guarantee of confidentiality.

By joining the Seniors Ignite Membership Program, you agree to everything contained in the Member Code of Conduct.