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Seniors Ignite Master Classes put you in control by allowing you to focus on one specific area of your business at a time.

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Ivy Towler

Towler Photography
Coralville, Iowa

Being a photographer (or any type of creative entrepreneur) is an isolating profession. It's a nearly impossible job without a network of resources from your ‘co-workers.’

I have cherry picked the industry for my education. Not every person selling expertise is an expert. Not every Facebook group with photography in the title should be followed. And not every event out there is right for everyone. It’s a pain in the ass actually, trying to figure out what’s the absolute best for you and your business. But now that I’ve been out here in this industry for over 6 years, I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I’ve experienced all of it, and I can tell you that the best resource for photographers that covers the entire spectrum of running a photography business: business, marketing, and photography plus avoids stagnant “looks like everyone else’s work” by staying at the front of the industry changes, is Seniors Ignite.

Upcoming Master Classes

Pricing for Profit

October Master Class

How to price your services and what products to offer are some of the most difficult and frustrating decisions photographers have to make.

The Pricing for Profit Master Class will show you how to determine the prices that you need to be charging in your business in order to be as profitable as you want to be.

This class will also show you how to select which products to offer, as well as how to setup your price list to guide your clients to what you want them to purchase.

Available Wednesday, October 24th

Higher Sales

November Master Class

Stop 'taking orders' from your clients and learn how to get consistent higher sales in your business with confidence.

The Higher Sales Master Class will show you how to position yourself as an expert by giving you the exact steps you need to guide your clients successfully through the entire sales process.

This class will show you how to make your sales run smoothly, to give your clients exactly what they want, and to help them invest more in your services. You'll also learn how to handle tough situations with confidence, leading to higher sales and happier clients.

Available Wednesday, November 14th

Business Planning

December Master Class

We've all heard the phrase "If you fail to plan then you're planning to fail." And nowhere is this more prominent than in your business.

The Business Planning Master Class will show you how to put a plan in place for your business for the next 12 months, including how to evaluate and adjust that plan as you operate your business.

You'll learn how to plan your calendar to account for every part of your business, as well as how to track that plan against your own personal business goals for the year.

Available Wednesday, December 12th

Coming in 2019...

Creating Your 12-Month Marketing Calendar

The New Senior Marketing Program

The Art Of Storytelling

and much more...

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