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Master Classes put you in control by allowing you to focus on one specific area of your business at a time.

Classes are structured to fit into your busy lifestyle. Learn on your own schedule at the pace that's right for you. This allows you to master the skills you need while avoiding the overwhelm.

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Just looking for a specific class to go deeper into a single area of your business? Master Classes are offered for a special one-time price during the month they are released.

Once you purchase the class, you will have lifetime access to the course and downloads to learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.

November Master Class:
Pricing for Profit
special price: $199 $149


November Master Class

Pricing for Profit

Pricing can be one of the biggest sources of frustration in your business if you aren't pricing yourself effectively to be profitable.

In this class, Jen Basford will show you the exact strategy for pricing your products and services profitably so that you can meet your financial goals and pay yourself the salary you want.

Work alongside Jen at your own pace - and on your own schedule - as she goes through actual pricing examples so that you understand how to do this again and again in your own business.

What's Included in Pricing for Profit:


9 Video Lessons

Pricing for Profit consists of 9 video lessons that you can watch at your own pace, on your own schedule. Each video focuses on one specific topic and task, so you can master each one before moving on to the next.

Pricing for Profit Worksheet

Pricing for Profit Worksheet

Access the worksheet in your lesson downloads and work alongside Jen as she walks you through every step of the pricing process.

Investment Guide

Complete Example Investment Guide

You'll get the Investment Guide that Jen creates during the class so that you can see an actual example of how to display your products and pricing to your clients.

Example Pricing Worksheet

Actual Pricing Examples

During the class, Jen walks you through pricing sessions and products using real information. You can download the actual completed worksheets that Jen uses and work alongside her to determine your own session and product pricing.


All Video Transcripts

We've included the complete transcripts of all 9 video lessons for you to download and reference any time you need. These can help you reinforce key strategies and better visualize the concepts.

Keynote Slides

Keynote Slides for Taking Notes

You'll also be able to download the keynote slides for each of the 9 video lessons. Each set includes one slide per page with lines below for taking notes, as well as an additional page for notes at the end.

for only $35 a month

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Single Class Purchase
special price: $199 $149

Pay Yourself the Salary You Deserve

Your time is valuable, and so are the services and experience you offer. We'll show you how to determine what you need to make from each sale, and how to price yourself effectively, so that you can pay yourself what you're worth.

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HEADSHOT - Susan Gietka

Susan Gietka
Susan Grace Photography

"Three years ago I committed to going to a Seniors Ignite event in California. At the time I photographed all genres - babies, families, and even a few weddings. Sure I had a few seniors sprinkled in here and there, but not many. During the event I was inspired to follow my dream and become a seniors-only photographer. Here in New Jersey that is completely unheard of, because photographing high school seniors is not really a 'thing' yet.

Seniors Ignite empowered me to remove every other genre from my business, and gave me the courage to specialize in photographing only seniors! Even though this was a big leap for me, I have absolutely no regrets. I am in love with my job, and Seniors Ignite pushes me to stay creative and on top of the current trends in the business.

Membership in Seniors Ignite helps me to stand out in a sea of photographers doing the same thing. I love how it pushes me beyond my creative limits and challenges me to learn and practice new techniques!"


Lisa Smith
Studio Panache

"This past year was rough for me. It was full of both personal and business struggles, including dissolving a partnership and leaving a business that I had poured 5 years of my life into. I have been part of Seniors Ignite for over 3 years now, and with their help I was able to start fresh. The support, encouragement, and guidance from the Seniors Ignite family during this transition has made all the difference!

The business and marketing information I’ve gotten from Membership in Seniors Ignite gave me all the tools I needed to power through my new business startup as well. For the first time in my career I feel like I’m in exactly the place I need to be. The Seniors Ignite family is, no doubt, my favorite thing about being a member! I love that we are all at different parts of our business journey and have a variety skill levels, yet we each value what every member brings to the group.

Also, having multiple leaders with a wide variety of expertise is critical. Knowing that you have a wealth of information collectively is crazy valuable, but knowing that each leader excels in certain areas gives me confidence that I will get the best information there is for my business."

HEADSHOT - Ivy Towler

Ivy Towler
Towler Photography

"Being a photographer (or any type of creative entrepreneur) is an isolating profession. It's a nearly impossible job without a network of resources from your ‘co-workers.’

I have cherry picked the industry for my education. Not every person selling expertise is an expert. Not every Facebook group with photography in the title should be followed. And not every event out there is right for everyone. It’s a pain in the ass actually, trying to figure out what’s the absolute best for you and your business. But now that I’ve been out here in this industry for over 5 years, I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I’ve experienced all of it, and I can tell you that the best resource for senior photography that covers the entire spectrum of running a photography business: business, marketing, and photography plus avoids stagnant “looks like everyone else’s work” by staying at the front of the industry changes, is Seniors Ignite.

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