Karen McCormick + Mary Beth O'Hare

Chicopee, Massachusetts
FEATURING: Katie Wagner

You'll Never Be Royal

You’ll never be Royal…

Or maybe you will. You never know where life’s path is going to take you. Just look at the new Duchess of Sussex and where her path started to where she is now. A true Cinderella story. Totally proud to say I watched that spectacular piece of history go down and that dress was to die for! For those of us in Western Massachusetts, the local Cities hold the annual Colleen Contest. A Colleen means they are ‘the girl.’ The one who is going to represent the community and be a role model for others. The chosen Colleen is someone who has demonstrated qualities such as kindness, strength, passion, and dedication throughout their high school career. All the qualities you look for in royalty . The chosen Colleen for 2018 to represent the City of Chicopee is Katie Wagner. Katie demonstrates all these traits and more. During her reign as Colleen, she is expected to attend charitable functions, volunteer functions, maintain a level of modesty in terms of social media and still maintain her grades. This can be overwhelming especially when you are in your senior year and have graduation looming. Katie is doing it all flawlessly in true ‘royal’ fashion! Being a Colleen isn’t all work though. It does come with benefits! The winner gets scholarships, her gown, a few other perks and of course her crown!

Karen McCormick + Mary Beth O'Hare

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  1. absolutely beautiful young woman!! and with her dark hair, she look exactly like her mama!! may all your dreams come true, Katie!!

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