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We’ve always said that creative entrepreneurs thrive when they work together.

Which is why we’ve made some major shifts this year in order to connect you with a larger group of creatives who share common goals.

Check out what’s next for Seniors Ignite…

We Eliminated the Seniors Ignite Membership

Here’s why.

At the beginning of the year we spent several weeks surveying our members and our larger audience to find out where they needed help the most.

We do this each year to get detailed feedback on what’s been working, what hasn’t been working, what people’s goals are, where they need the most help, and how we can make it easier for each person to get the specific help they need.

Overwhelmingly, these things stood out consistently across the board:

  • What you value: We heard from almost everyone that what they value the most is the community, friendships, connections, collaborations, and ability to ask questions and bounce ideas off of like-minded creatives.
  • Where you need help: The two places where everyone needed the most help were:
    • Websites (design, setup, funnels, automation, marketing campaigns, etc.), and
    • Content (everything from the what to the how to the actual creating).

These were consistently the two biggest areas where people are struggling. And this is where we started to run into issues.

First, for those who were not a part of the monthly paid membership they were greatly missing out on both the community – the friendships, connections, collaborations, and support that are inherent within our Seniors Ignite family – as well as the monthly education for their business.

And second, the membership was trying to cover way too much.

Each of you are at very different places in your businesses – some are just starting out, some are further along and need more advanced help in specific areas, and some are just doing this part time (and may or may not plan to transition to full time).

At any given time each person needs specific help – and a specific type of help – in different areas.

We needed to create a way for everyone to ‘choose their own adventure.’

Websites and content were never part of the plan for Seniors Ignite. These are things that we have been working on that will be offered through our sister site, be.mydo.

So we decided to separate products, services, and one-on-one coaching from the community aspect. This allows us to keep a strong community going (and growing).

Right now we are working on some incredibly exciting things through be.mydo, such as influencer marketing, E-Commerce sites, marketing automation, and website products and services.

Things that we want to be able to share and talk about with like-minded creatives, where everything isn’t tied into a single type of membership or a specific type of creative business in order to be part of that collaborative community.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Community

By separating all of these things – Community, Content, and Commerce – everyone can now get help exactly where they need it.

Some of you may find that you overlap in multiple areas at times, and others may need to take things one area at a time.

At the forefront, however, our community has a lot of interest in expanding both their creative pursuits and their businesses.

As we mentioned before, creative entrepreneurs thrive when they work together. Which is why we moved to a FREE community that brings together all types of creative adventurists who are focused on building and growing E-Commerce businesses.

The Unconventional Creative from be.mydo is a space where photographers can grow and flourish alongside other like-minded creatives. These connections can become collaborations, partnerships, or simply inspiration that can generate new ideas for expanding your business – or your side hustle – or they can simply become motivation to see and think differently.

The Unconventional Creative Facebook group is the free group where we’ll be talking about working with influencers and collaborating with others to launch your own influencer thing, as well as how to use your website with your influencer marketing.

So if you haven’t already, head on over and join the Unconventional Creative group. Be sure to introduce yourself, and make it a ‘Favorite’ on your Facebook sidebar.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Content and Commerce

For those who need help with their websites and online presence, we will be launching content services – as well as some DIY options – on be.mydo.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming up.

Design Kits (from be.mydo)

Get your website or E-Commerce site setup in 2 days

The Design Kits make website setup super easy with quick import templates and designs that walk you through the setup process.

This saves a ton of time.

Often times people take weeks – or even months – getting their website setup. The Design Kits help you do that in 2 days (or less).

The type of site you need in 2019 and beyond is very different – think messaging, voice search, membership sites for influencers, and so on.

Your website is a key part of the customer experience, marketing with influencers, and streamlining business systems.

There will be Design Kits for E-Commerce sites, selling branded merchandise, membership sites, online courses, creative businesses, and more.

Mydo Flows (from be.mydo)

Marketing Campaigns, Sales Funnels & Automated Workflows

Design Kits show you how to setup your eCommerce site.

Mydo Flows shows you how to take your marketing to the next level.

Mydo Flows is a collection of ready-made marketing automation workflows and advanced marketing for your site.

Think automated on-site messaging that displays targeted messages to site visitors based on specific behaviors they exhibit.

Content Camp (from be.mydo)

The complete solution for personalized, one-on-one help writing copy – and creating content – that connects and converts

To write compelling copy that connects with your target audience – your lovers – you need a map.

But more importantly, you need a personal guide who will take your hand and actually help you get it done.

Content Camp is a 3-month-long one-on-one coaching program that works with you to customize all of the online content you need for your business and actually get it done.

Your Camp Counselor will work with you one-on-one to show you exactly what content to create, what to put on each page of your website, and help you actually write and edit the copy.

But What About Seniors Ignite?

Seniors Ignite isn’t going anywhere

Seniors Ignite will still exist as an online resource for modern senior photographers. Our blog will continue to focus on what’s next so that you can stay informed and set yourself apart in your own business.

However, Unconventional Creative and be.mydo is where we are focusing our growth efforts in order to stay ahead of the curve and lead the way.

And photographers are a key part of the conversation when it comes to all types of creative businesses. You could sort of say you’re the foundational creative entrepreneurs.

Be sure that you’re signed up for both the Unconventional Creative email list (for Community) as well as the be.mydo email list (for Content and Commerce) so you don’t miss a beat as we move forward.

Final Thoughts

These changes allow you more flexibility in your business when it comes to learning, mentoring, and outsourcing.

And through be.mydo and the Unconventional Creative we have the ability to deliver things more efficiently in areas that help you where you need it the most.

Many of us are solo entrepreneurs, and having a community and a network of like-minded peers is invaluable.

So is accountability.

It’s easy to get off track when you are busy creatively trying to juggle twenty things at a time, as well as trying to manage it all yourself.

Which is why having the perspective of other creatives like you who have ‘been there’ is critical to getting you through those speed bumps while you grow.

Head on over to the Unconventional Creative Facebook group now and say hi. We’d love to hear what you’re working on right now and what your goals are for the upcoming year!

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