Guest Posting


Seniors Ignite is a collaboration of a number of amazing artists and business people. We are always looking for contributions from our community, that present new ideas and a fresh perspective.

What Kind of Posts Are We Looking For?

Our readers are serious about their photography and business. They love how-to’s tutorials and useful tips. Videos work great too. Feel free to send us a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Topics which we are interested in:

  • Senior Photography – Shooting, lighting, posing, models
  • Business – Marketing, Sales, Pricing, Web and Social Media
  • WorkFlow
  • Inspiration
  • Featured Sessions

Guidelines & Formatting

  • At least One Image, and up to five. We do not select or edit down images
  • Featured Sessions should send in 10-12 images
  • You must be owner of the images
  • Send Completed posts (see below) with instructions on where images should be place, any links, and anything else you want included.
  • Please do not include affiliate links


All posts are edited, in most cases the changes are minor. Please don’t feel bad if we make a few changes.

Article Checklist

  • Article Title An attention grabbing headline, @ 70 characters long
  • Short Description of Article: A one sentence summary of your article. This description should entice people to read your article. We will use this short description as an excerpt on the blog listing page, and on tweets and social media posts promoting your article.
  • Length – 300-600 words This is a general guideline.  Featured Sessions can be 150-200 words.
  • Images – 1200 px on the long side.  In general 4-5 images work best, and some articles may require more.
  • Links – Include any links that relate to the article. Do not include any promotional or affiliate links.
  • Video – Include a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video and we will embed thatin the post.
  • Other Details details like Model Names, Shoot Locations, Equipment used for shoot

Send a Bio

  • Your Photo – 400 x 400 pixels
  • Your Bio – One or Two sentences about you
  • Email Address
  • How can people follow you
  • Website URL
  • Twitter Username
  • Facebook URL
  • Google+ URL


All posts that are submitted must be written exclusively for Seniors Ignite.

Post Length

In general around 600 words, however we prefer a quality post  rather than a word count. The article can be as long as it needs to be, as long as it is a quality post.  Featured Sessions can have around 150-200 words.

We do not automatically publish all submitted articles.
Sending us an article is not guarantee it will be published. Seniors Ignite is committed to publishing the best information possible for our readers. We receive a lot of requests for guest articles, and we are not able to use everything that is submitted to us. Posts may be declined for a number of reasons.

Some Reasons We may Decline your Post

  • We have a lot of current material on that topic
  • Poor formatting and missing information
  • Images or content has been published elsewhere
  • It’s nothing more than a sales pitch for your products
  • Images and Content aren’t up to Seniors Ignite standards

How to Submit Articles

Contact us via our contact form with any article ideas. Email submissions to hello [at]


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