Joy Vertz CPP


Joy Vertz

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Joy Vertz CPP // Event Speaker

Joy’s photography experience starts more than a dozen years ago. From a one-person shop run out of her basement, Joy has grown her studio, Shoot the Moon Photography, into one of the premier studios in the region. With two locations in Mequon and Delafield, Joy and her staff now handle more than 700 shoots annually and have clients across the nation.

Over the years, Joy has found that she has a particular fondness for numbers and strategy. So many of the things that she first thought were up to chance in the photography industry can actually be put on paper and changed using strategy and thoughtful decision-making, not luck! What’s more, a little bit of strategic planning can help photographers be more creative and innovative in the long-run, not less!

Her family has accused her of being a numbers nerd, a princess of process and a warrior of workflow. She can’t argue with that – it’s 100% true! Joy is now using a combination of her lifelong love of numbers and strategy, the experienced gained in growing her studios, plus her stewardship of numerous other creative ventures, to help other photographers take their businesses and studios to a higher level.

She firmly believes that no matter what stage your business is in, there are simple and effective steps you can take to make it a success, as defined by YOU! The hardest part is getting started – that’s where Joy really shines her brightest. Let her help you get going on the journey to profitability, creativity, and true SUCCESS!

What are your biggest strengths?
I’m a business nerd. For real. Hit me up about marketing, sales, pricing (love me some numbers!) and anything relating to process and organization, which is funny because my closet at home is a disaster!

What is one thing you wish you would have known when you were first starting out?
Had I known how to properly value my work I would have saved hours of time working for little to no income. Also, had I had the confidence to address objections I would have been able to save myself hours of irritation (and hurt feelings, as I am often too sensitive)

What I’ll be speaking on at the 2015 Seniors Ignite Event:
I will be sharing my top 10 ways to make more and work less in 2015-2016 as well as how my shoe collection has come into play. Yes.. shoes. After you hear my presentation it will make sense— pinky swear. It will be awesome and you won’t want to miss it. If you have heard me speak before you know I love to give actionable items, so you’ll be able to fill your Event Action Binder!

Talk to me about:
So I love to talk all of the business stuff and also about shoes. Yes shoes.. which are an obsession (and a goal! HINT: Attend my presentation to learn hear about it) If you want me to tell you funny stories about my business, let’s catch a drink together. I am more funny when I have something fruity in hand.

My friends would describe me as:
So when people first meet me they think I am polite, professional and polished… but when they really get to know me, I am described as witty and a little bit of a naughty instigator.

One thing no one knows about me:
As much as I like shoes.. I like lipstick. At any one time I can have about 15 in my handbag and generally buy about 3 new ones per month. I also LOVE candy and have a serious sweet tooth. Bring on the ZOTZ!

What is one tip you would give to photographers regarding their senior business?
Have confidence! You can have the business you want but confidence plays a huge role in being able to ask for it!

What are you most excited about for the 2015 Seniors Ignite Event?
The connections you make are priceless. The classes are top notch and being able to have real conversations with industry professionals “after hours” is something that will benefit you for years!

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