Cherie Phelps, CPP


Cherie Phelps

Gretna, Nebraska

Cherie Phelps // Event Shooter

Cherie Phelps, CPP, owner of c. phelps photography in Gretna NE, is a national award-winning photographer, and 3-time Nebraska Senior Photographer of Year (2011, 2012 and 2013). Cherie’s studio specializes in senior photography, and with a background in the fashion industry as a professional hair and makeup artist, fashion stylist, and fashion photographer, she brings a high-end electricity to her images.

Cherie works tirelessly to create unique images using natural, off-camera flash, and studio lighting.  She credits a handful of highly-regarded photographers that have helped her to achieve award-winning status, and as a result, she loves to spill her guts, teaching other photographers how to take their images to the next level.

How would you define your shooting style?
On the fly, organic, loose, and completely spontaneous.

At the Event, I’ll be shooting:
Natural Light with reflectors and OCF using Alien Bees.

Where do you find inspiration for your photography?
Google searches. For real. I don’t follow specific photographers. I never have. I love putting in search terms and getting inspired by what the Google gods bring me.

Talk to me about:
Raising teenagers, the painful, but life-giving freedom of divorce, personal worthiness, and wearing your princess crown.

Where have you been published?
Seniors Ignite, Senior Style Guide, Belovely You, and PPofN Cover – Spring 2014 Issue – Senior Photographer of the Year.

What is your favorite piece of gear?
At this moment, my camera sling. I am so used to having it, that I will finish taking an image, and literally drop my camera, knowing that it is going to end up at my hip. THAT’s TRUST!

My friends would describe me as:
Genuine, sincere, authentic, an amazing mixologist, quick-witted, loyal, entertaining, friendly, creative, hottie, flexible, scatter-brained, focused, dependable, strong, good listener, adventurous, determined, hard-working, honest, energetic, intuitive, kind, reliable, generous, passionate, thoughtful, tough, emotional, faithful, detailed, and artistic.

One thing no one knows about me:
I am infatuated by clouds and have an entire iPhone album dedicated to images I have taken of them.

What are you most excited about for the 2015 Seniors Ignite Event?
The amazing little travel sized toiletries you get when at the high-end hotels that are better than the shampoo / conditioner most people have at home.


Hanging out with the amazing photographers I met last year and getting to meet new ones and know more of them even better!

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