Experiential Marketing: pARTy for a cause

Experiential Marketing is one of the best ways to stand out in your market. It works by creating a genuine relationship between your brand (you) and your target clients through fun, interactive, and memorable experiences.

The goal of Experiential Marketing is to create experiences that connect with your values and your brand in order to develop an emotional connection with your audience. This connection leads to an association of those emotions with your brand, which increases both the value and desire for your services.

One of the best (and fastest) ways to connect with your target market is some sort of in-person event.

Online marketing works best when coupled with offline marketing, and you need some form of in-person connection in order to build deeper relationships with your target clients.

Ultimately your goal is to get them back to your website so that they can be tracked and marketed to continuously (retargeting).

Experiential Marketing Strategy

pARTy for a cause

Create an art expo for your target high school(s) in order to help generate funding for their art programs and encourage students to continue their education in the arts.

Start by gathering sponsors for the event. Use your own local network, and get your clients and parents involved as well. Create sponsor levels that allow every type of business to be able to get involved, and make this a community event.

Next, create a page on your website dedicated to the event. This gives you a place to drive people to before, during, and after the expo. Be sure and share stories, features, details, and information on sponsors on your website. You can even hold a ‘People’s Choice’ content on the entries for an additional prize that gets your audience to interact and engage with your business.

Charge for entries in order to raise money for prizes, as well as for the art programs themselves. You could charge $5 or $10 per entry, or you could offer a special such as ‘3 entries for $25.’ The goal is to get as many people involved as possible!

Determine the categories you want to have at your pARTy for a cause expo, such as photography, video, drawings/paintings, sculptures, etc. It’s a good idea to have an ‘open’ category for art that doesn’t fit a conventional theme, in order to promote creativity among the students.

Partner with a local artist to create awards that are unique and creative. In addition to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards in each category, you can also offer a ‘Judges Choice’ award, as well as many other types of awards that are specific to each category. Be sure to have a ‘Best in Show’ overall winner as well.

In addition to the physical awards, offer cash ‘scholarships’ to the winners for them to use towards further art education. Divide the remaining profits from the event among the participating schools’ art programs, and see if one of your sponsors will match those amounts.

Want to do even more with pARTy for a cause? Create a coffee table book after the expo of all of the entries. Highlight the winners with the story behind their art, and then sell the coffee table book as a fundraiser for the schools’ art programs. Enlist parents, sponsors, community businesses, and friends to help spread the word.

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