Tips For Successful Client Communications

The way that you communicate with your clients sets the tone and the expectations for their entire experience with you and your business, both in written and spoken form.

You should always ensure that the choice of words you use to describe your products and services match up to the brand and the experience that you are providing, and not the ‘technical, photography industry/vendor terms’ that are ‘functional’ and irrelevant to your clients.

One of the keys to successful communication is how you ask questions. Asking open-ended questions creates a relationship and shows interest; it also gives you deeper insight into your client that you aren’t able to get in any other manner.

Never ask your client ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Questions that start with “Who,” “What,” “Why,” “When” or “Where” are great ways to get the information that you truly need, and to create that connection that elevates the value you are providing.

Here are a few other examples:

  • “Tell me about your daughter. How would you describe her personality? How would her friends describe her?”
  • “Tell me the story of one of your favorite memories about your daughter.”
  • “Where are you thinking of displaying these images in your home?”
  • “Describe the decor and colors in your home for me. How does it feel when you walk into each room?”
  • “What is important to you about your senior portrait experience? Tell me how you want to feel.”
  • “Describe your family to me, and your daughter’s relationship with each member.”

It is important to always listen to your client at all times. This will help you know what to ask next, and give you insight into their family dynamics, personality, relationships, values, and so much more that you could never get simply by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

Also, when your client feels listened to it implies customization of the entire process, which also signals quality and increases the value and status of both you and your business. These are all keys to providing remarkable client service.

When your client knows what to anticipate they feel that you truly care. This also helps them relax and gives them confidence that you will provide them with an experience that will exceed all of their expectations.

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