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Fall Themed Model Shoot

Check out Renee Bowen's fall-themed shoot she recently did with her model team as part of her senior marketing campaigns.
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Communication Is Key For Higher Sales

There are many different ways we communicate with our clients, but so many photographers forget that with every single email, call, or text that they have the opportunity to not only prepare their clients but also to sell to them.

Navigating The Competition

Check out the single, most important piece of advice that has completely transformed the way I focus on and approach my business.

Stop Meeting Your Clients’ Expectations

No one is going to pay you a premium simply for meeting their expectations. And in 2017 the expectations of your target client are higher than ever.

[VIDEO] Lighting Equipment Discussion With Patrick McBride

Check out this free glimpse into one of the live, interactive lighting discussions Patrick McBride held with our members recently.

The Real Scars Of Having A Sale

Discounting your work attracts the wrong kind of buyer.

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