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Streamline Your Workflow And Increase Your Productivity

In order to price yourself for profit, grow your business, save money, wow your clients, and stay competitive, you've got to have an efficient and streamlined workflow.

Grow Your Senior Business With A Tween Model Program

Want to achieve up to 10x growth in your senior business? Start by growing your tween business with the right Tween Model Program.

Shooting Tip: Telling A Story With Posing Flow

Get a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of membership in Seniors Ignite with a segment from this month's shooting tip with Jen Basford.

Auction Marketing: The Secret To Success

Marketing with auctions is a great way to get in front of the right market for your business. But like all marketing, the success depends entirely on the details of how you execute it.

Create Experiential Events

Experiential Marketing is one of the best ways to stand out in your market. And one of the best (and fastest) ways to connect with your target market is some sort of in-person event.

Communication Is Key For Higher Sales

There are many different ways we communicate with our clients, but so many photographers forget that with every single email, call, or text that they have the opportunity to not only prepare their clients but also to sell to them.

Senior Style: The 90s

The ‘current’ theme in pop culture is all about the comeback, and right now the 90s are hotter than they were in… well… the 90s.

How To Cut Your Editing Time In Half

If you find that you are spending hours just trying to get through culling and editing a single session then guess what - you’re losing money. Here's how to bring your total editing time to well under an hour per session.

[VIDEO] Lighting Equipment Discussion With Patrick McBride

Check out this free glimpse into one of the live, interactive lighting discussions Patrick McBride held with our members recently.

Stop Meeting Your Clients’ Expectations

No one is going to pay you a premium simply for meeting their expectations. And in 2017 the expectations of your target client are higher than ever.

Navigating The Competition

Check out the single, most important piece of advice that has completely transformed the way I focus on and approach my business.

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