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Senior Inspiration Session

This full senior session from Renee Bowen will inspire your creativity while giving you a look at how she incorporates storytelling into her shooting style.
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The Dark Side of Social Media

How to handle negative comments about your business on the dark side of social media.

Get involved: Speed Up Your Education and Success

Will people miss you if you don't show up next year?

How to Make Fashion Collages for Your Blog

How to create "style boards" for your blog, with clips of different outfits and clothing pieces using a free tool by Polyvore.

The Artistic Approach of a Professional Dreamer – PART THREE

Create a more personal experience with your images by incorporating elements into your work. The third and final post in a series from Kenani Brandon.

The Artistic Approach of a Professional Daydreamer – PART ONE

For as long as I can remember “stop daydreaming” was something I heard daily from my teachers. “If you want to go anywhere in life you have to get your head out of the clouds and keep your feet on the ground” was another phrase I heard all too often growing up. Thank goodness I never escaped my daydreaming haze long enough to heed these warnings because today this type of "visual thinking" has become one of my greatest strengths as an artist.

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