Jen Basford

Jen Basford, Cr.Photog., owns 3 girls photography in Edmond, Oklahoma. She started her business over 12 years ago working out of her home, and within 3 years built a 3500 square foot studio and became (and still remains) one of PPA's Top Performing Studios in the industry. She continues to lead the benchmarks in all areas of her business. Jen is seen as both a leader and an innovator when it comes to branding, business, marketing and photography, and her studio is one of the top senior portrait studios in the nation. She is best known for her modern styled editorial senior portraits, her fashion expertise, and the out-of-the-box approach she takes to marketing and business relationships. Jen is also the Co-Owner of Seniors Ignite, as well as Be MYDO, a web and marketing business for creative artisan entrepreneurs. She is also the Founder and co-owner of the Unconventional Creative, and UNDISCOVERED Magazine.

Fall Themed Model Shoot

Check out Renee Bowen’s fall-themed shoot she recently did with her model team as part of her senior marketing campaigns.

Tips For Successful Client Communications

The way that you communicate with your clients sets the tone and the expectations for their entire experience with you and your business, both in written and spoken form.

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