We Are Seniors Ignite

Seniors Ignite is education for the new generation of senior photography innovators.

We’re taking a stand against lack of innovation and low quality standards.

We are a group of next generation peers doing bold things. We surround ourselves with extraordinary people who share our values and believe in our mission.

We are committed to helping senior photographers discover who they are and generate excitement for why they do what they do.

Our goal is to elevate the standards in the senior portrait industry and to help photographers look outside the industry for inspiration and motivation.

Seniors Ignite is an alternative to ‘business as usual’ in the senior photography industry with inspiring break-the-mold and flat out useful ideas, articles, resources, strategies and education to help you kick ass in your market.

The Seniors Ignite leaders are full-time working pros who are at the top of their game. We are here because we love photography, the industry, giving back, and helping others grow.

We believe in the power of opportunity. And in the power of community. Because working together collectively makes the industry better for all of us.

If you’re new to Seniors Ignite, the best place to start is by joining our community. We’ll help you navigate the ever-changing senior market and keep you up-to-date with everything you need to be successful in your senior business.

Our vision is for Seniors Ignite to:

  • help you to think bigger,
  • inspire your creativity,
  • improve your craft, and
  • build the business that’s right for you.

Jen Basford - Headshot 2015 - 500 pixel square
Jen Basford
Co-Founder, Seniors Ignite
Co-Founder, Unconventional Creative
Co-Founder, be.mydo
Owner, 3 girls photography
Jen Basford, Cr.Photog., owns 3 girls photography in Edmond, Oklahoma. She started her business over 12 years ago working out of her home. Within 3 years Jen built a 3500 square foot studio, and became (and still remains) one of PPA’s Top Performing Studios in the industry.

Jen is seen as both a leader and an innovator when it comes to business, and her studio is one of the top senior portrait studios in the nation. She is best known for her modern storytelling senior portraits; the highly profitable and successful senior model program she pioneered; her expertise in the areas of pricing, sales, fashion, and marketing; and her out-of-the-box approach to marketing and business relationships.

Jen is one of the founders and owners of the Unconventional Creative (a community dedicated to creative entrepreneurs and their side hustles), UNDISCOVERED (the online influencer platform for the new generation of dreamers and disruptors), Seniors Ignite (an organization dedicated to providing the highest level of education to the new generation of photography innovators), and be.mydo (web design products and services for creatives).

Nancy Nardi owned and operated Nardi Photography in the Twin Cities of Minnesota for 17 years before starting her online web marketing company, HiFi Social Web. She is a website maker, brand and marketing strategist and entrepreneur.

Nancy is the Co-Founder of be.mydo, a company that helps artisan entrepreneurs take control of their brand and leverage the power of the web to grow their business. She is an evangelist of WordPress and focuses on providing a platform for the undiscovered – brands, creatives, artists, photographers, artisan businesses and individuals with a story to tell.

Nancy Nardi
Co-Founder, Seniors Ignite
Co-Founder, be.mydo
Co-Founder, Unconventional Creative
Owner, HiFi Social Web

Meet Renee and Patrick...

Renee Bio FB
Renee Bowen
Owner, Renee Bowen Photography
Seniors Ignite Leader

Renee Bowen is a nationally renowned photographer based in Southern California who specializes in upscale, edgy Senior Portraits. She is best known for her editorial, magazine-quality images that tell the story of her client while shooting on location in and around Los Angeles.
Patrick McBride
Owner, Pat + Cassie Portrait Studio
Seniors Ignite Leader

Patrick McBride is a nationally recognized senior portrait photographer based out of the Chicagoland area. Patrick and his wife, Cassie, specialize in fresh, bold, modern and fashion-inspired Senior Portraits, and are the leading senior studio in their region.

Step Inside and Look Around...


There is no roadmap for trailblazers.

There is a lot of continuous change in our industry, and we believe in relentlessly pursuing ‘what’s next’ by going above and beyond to bring the possibilities and opportunities to our community.

At Seniors Ignite we:
✓ Always lead, never follow
✓ Transform ideas into realities
✓ Say what we think, even if it is controversial
✓ Question actions that are inconsistent with our values
✓ Are ‘solution oriented’ – we don’t complain, instead we look for solutions
✓ Are curious – we are always asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ‘what’s next’
✓ Question the norm and challenge the status quo to make it better and offer solutions
✓ Inspire others with our quest for excellence

No one gets in trouble for pushing the limits. It’s why you’re here.


Work-life balance is important to us, and we believe in having fun in everything we do.

✓ We love our families and friends
✓ We love our customers and our community
✓ We love creating
✓ We love our work
✓ We love adventure
✓ We love our lives

To be our best, we make time for all of the important things in our lives, and we work with our community to do the same.

Priorities don’t mean excluding the rest. They simply mean placing value on each part of our lives in order of meaning.

They all work in harmony, not independently.


We didn’t like what we saw happening in the senior photography industry over the past several years.

Fighting to keep the status quo in a swiftly evolving and ever-changing market was putting many photographers out of business.

So we decided to change the standards and tone of what senior photography (and education) is all about.

We see endless possibilities and opportunities, and know that the industry can be better.

And we are committed to being out in front to make that happen.

We want to raise the bar and set the standards for education that improves your skills, amplifies your marketing, increases your business knowledge and connects you to the right clients for you.

In every aspect of your senior photography business.

We know that together with our community and leaders we can influence and change the industry for the better.

By doing what’s best for senior photographers to be successful and make money with their craft.

Someone will always step up and lead.

We prefer to lead.

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