The 2019 Austin Collective


Shootout | Model Competition | Marketing Program

January 2019
An Exclusive Event and Marketing Campaign
for Members of Seniors Ignite

Hands-On Learning | Shooting | Marketing | Storytelling

Spend two days in Austin, Texas, with Jen Basford, Patrick McBride and Renee Bowen creating relevant, stunning, attention-grabbing images with full hands-on instruction.

You’ll learn how to direct your clients so that you can create storytelling images they have to have, and we’ll show you exactly how to market with them all year long to build excitement and increase desire for your services.

Combine that with hands-on learning in everything from posing, direction, storytelling, lighting and more, this is the one event you can’t afford to miss.

Day One:

Spend the morning together with us enjoying a relaxing brunch. We’ll host an informal Q&A while sharing marketing ideas, along with shooting and video tips and instruction.

In the afternoon we’ll be photographing the fully styled National Seniors Ignite Model Winners at Location #1 in Austin.

Attendees will be part of a one-of-a-kind experience creating relevant and unique marketing images and stories.

Day Two:

Grab a fresh to-go breakfast or lunch, along with your laptop, and join us for a relaxing morning editing images from the day before. We’ll have more time for Q&A, along with storytelling ‘assignments’ and video instruction for the afternoon ahead.

In the afternoon we’ll be photographing the fully styled National Seniors Ignite Model Winners at Location #2 in Austin. You won’t find a more inviting area for creativity.

The Seniors Ignite National Model Competition

An unparalleled marketing opportunity for today’s senior photographer to stand out, create a highly desirable experience, and generate authentic buzz in their market.
Don’t settle for ordinary. Take your marketing from ordinary to extraordinary by offering your clients an experience that’s both aspirational and remarkable.

By using the tiered marketing system of the Seniors Ignite National Model Competition, you’ll be able to create a highly desirable and sought-after experience that increases the value of your brand for your target clients.

NOTE: Participation in the National Model Competition is completely optional, and is included as a bonus for attendees of the Seniors Ignite Collective.

We'll Show You How To Market This All Year Long

When you register now for the Seniors Ignite Collective, we’ll include our brand new Marketing Funnel product as a bonus.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to implement all of the marketing opportunities from the Collective right away, without getting bogged down in details (what to say, when to send, what web pages, etc.).

We’ll show you how to go about getting the word out and presenting ideas so your potential clients understand it and get really excited about it.

The Marketing Campaign Funnels pull all those ideas and details together into a cohesive system for you to use, and we’re including them completely free for attendees of the 2019 Seniors Ignite Austin Collective when you sign up and pay your initial registration fee.

These campaigns will connect the dots and make it easier to get your marketing started and working for you right away. NOTE: The Marketing Funnel will be dripped out to attendees beginning Monday, March 19th. We will be helping you implement this in your own business and answer questions as we go along.


In order to keep an intimate environment, and a low photographer-to-model ratio, registration for the Seniors Ignite Collective is strictly limited.

This is so that we can ensure a deep, experiential learning and shooting environment that will thrill and delight all attendees.


  • Your pass to the 2-day hands-on Collective.
  • BONUS: (Optional) Attendees will be able to shoot their own destination sessions or model shoots on Saturday, January 26th, at the official Austin Collective hotel. An exclusive benefit just for attendees!
  • Shooting at 2 different locations in Austin, Texas.
  • (Optional) Participation in the Seniors Ignite Model Competition (an exclusive marketing opportunity for your business).
  • The Marketing Funnel product (for marketing the National Model Competition, model shoots in your business, destination sessions, and more…).

January 27th + 28th, 2019
In Austin, Texas

With an optional BONUS shooting day for attendees on January 26th!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kelly Lockwood of Kelly Anne Style
NOTE: Be sure to read through the attendee requirements in the FAQs below.
By registering for the Collective, you agree to all attendee requirements and terms as listed here.


What are my requirements as an attendee once I have registered?

By paying the initial registration fee of $225, you are entering into a contractual agreement with Seniors Ignite for the following:

  1. When you register you are committing that this is a priority for you for your business, and that you will take all steps needed to plan for this from both a time and financial perspective. We do not take this commitment lightly either, and we treat this as a priority to us as well. By registering and making your first monthly payment you are committing that this is your #1 priority during that time and that you are contracted to Seniors Ignite for the full amount of registration prior to July 31st, 2018.
  2. As the models’ only compensation at these events is the images that they receive, we require all attendees to submit their fully retouched images from the official shooting portions of the Collective. We ask that you aim for a minimum of 5 images per winning model, however if you are unable to photograph each model then a minimum of 40 images from the event is required. More images help everyone – especially your business and your marketing content – and collaboration with other photographers grows your own businesses and marketing as well.
  3. Attendees also commit to submitting the required number of images to Seniors Ignite on or before the deadlines sent out by Seniors Ignite prior to the event. Please be prompt in your image submission as that holds up others as well.
  4. Attendees are not allowed to contact any winning model directly (other than their own, should they have a winning model) – whether to request additional shoots, deliver images to, or otherwise. All communication with models will come through Seniors Ignite for the protection and ethics of everyone involved.

Seniors Ignite reserves the right to add additional attendee requirements prior to or during the event itself, as long as those requirements are not deemed financially or ethically harmful to the attending photographer, and as long as they are given advanced notice.

When should I plan to arrive and leave?

The dates for the Seniors Ignite Austin Collective will be finalized prior to March 31, 2018. They are tentatively set for Sunday, January 27th, and Monday, January 28th, 2019.

In order to participate fully in the Seniors Ignite Collective, you should plan to arrive no later than the night before the start of the event, and leave no earlier than the morning following the event.

What will happen once I register?

Once you have registered for the Seniors Ignite Collective, you will receive an email confirmation from us with details on what to expect next.

What if an emergency arises or I decide that I cannot attend?

Please understand that registering for the Seniors Ignite Collective is a commitment on your part. If you are not 100% committed to this for your business, please do not sign up for this event. Registration confirms a contract between you and Seniors Ignite for your attendance and/or the transferrance of your registration to another party.

In the case of an emergency, you are allowed to transfer your registration to another photographer up to one week prior to the Collective by either gifting or selling it to them. However, the responsibility for the monthly installments paid to Seniors Ignite – as well as the process of the transferral – rests exclusively with you.

The full responsibility of the transfer process is yours if this occurs; we are unable to assist in the process of selling or transferring your registration. In the case that you must transfer your registration, it is also your responsibility to provide us with the name, contact information, and details on the person you are transferring your registration to prior to the deadline of one week before the Collective in January of 2019.

What do I need to bring with me?

Detailed information will be sent to attendees on what to bring to the event.

Below is an example of what we recommend:

  • Your camera and favorite lenses (2-3 is sufficient)
  • Additional camera batteries
  • Multiple CF or SD cards
  • Reflectors
  • Any on location lighting equipment that you want to shoot with
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Your favorite notebook and pen
  • Your laptop, Wacom tablet and pen

Can I submit images taken at the Shootout to publications or enter them into competition?

Images taken at any Seniors Ignite Shootout, Collective, or Event are for marketing and promotional purposes for your photography business (or personal use) only.

You may submit images for publication only on Seniors Ignite, but as all images are created in an environment that has been set up by the instructors you may not submit them to any competitions or any other publications.

You may not use images photographed at any Seniors Ignite Shootout, Collective, or Event for the purpose of promoting yourself for educational purposes (including, but not limited to, workshops and shootouts that you are instructing, leading, or participating in).

Will I need transportation while I'm there?

You may want transportation for the second day of the Collective, however the area is small enough that taking an Uber or Lyft (or grabbing a ride with other attendees) may be your ideal option.

Many attendees share a car, and once you have been added to the private Facebook Group you can find roommates and people to share transportation with if you like!

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