2014 Event Leaders: Nancy Nardi | Mitch Kitter | Renee Bowen


What are your strengths? WordPress, Websites, Marketing, Productivity, Anything Entrepreneurial

Where have you been published? Launch Essentials: Things to do before you begin your Web project, PPA Magazine, The Collective, Animoto

Where do you find inspiration online? 99U, Fast Company, svtble, Copyhackers, Quick Sprout, Buffer Blog

Talk to me about:  Anything website related – strategy, platforms, marketing, social media – I love showing photographers the power of taking control of their web presence.

I’ll be shooting: Instagram and VSCO “behind-the-scenes” shots.

What is one tip you can share with other photographers? Being a professional and successful in this business has zero to do with the type of camera you own.  “Investing in yourself and your business gives you a competitive edge by remaining in a constant state of Beta. To compete today you need to stay ahead of the curve, and your ability to to do that depends on your willingness to grow, drop the ego and accept that you will never ever know it all”  Living Life in Permanent Beta

Favorite Drink?: Mojito & Pinot Grigio

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What are your strengths? Natural Light Photography, Conceptual/Fine Art Photography

Where have you been published? F Magazine, Italian Vogue Deluge 1, Italian Vogue Deluge 3, Anchorage Daily News, Fawn Over Baby, Out.com

Where do you find inspiration online? Dark Beauty Magazine (I could spend hours and hours here), Haute Macabre, FStoppers, Marie Forleo, These Old Colors, Duct Tape Marketing Blog

Talk to me about:  Creative/Fine Art Photography, Travel, Cinematography, Business Management, and International Relations/Foreign Policy.

I’ll be shooting: Natural light, and a dash of OCF.

What is one tip you can share with other photographers? One of my favorite things about shooting high school seniors is basing the shoots around them!  What do they do for fun, what inspires them, what brands do they love, and so on. All of these are critical to a personalized shooting experience.

Favorite Drink?: Red Bull (Wings are implicit)

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?: I’m totally an Introvert.

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What are your strengths? I believe my main strength is working with my clients.  Getting real, authentic moments from them and getting them to relax and fall into the session is where I excel.  I also feel that natural light – how to find it, use it, bend it, shape it – is a strength for me.  I love the challenge of finding light … and making it work for me.  My other great strength is editing – I use Lightroom (mainly) and Photoshop.

Where have you been published? Seniorologie, Seniorologie Member Share 1 & 2, Rock The Shot, 100 Layer Cake Real Wedding, Senior Style Guide Online, Senior Style Guide Print, Done Brilliantly 1 & 2, Bee Bee Bisous, Fab You Bliss, Savvy Deets Bridal

Where do you find inspiration online? The [F] Framed Awards –  sooooo much photography awesomeness there!! Pinterest of course! SF Girl by Bay – boho cuteness. Vectro Ave – great photography, The Style Files – love looking at the interiors 😉

Talk to me about:  I love shooting on location and with natural light; I love a good challenge – keeps me on my toes.  I also love anything business related…. I taught myself everything so there was a LOT of trial and error that I can whine about 🙂   I’d like to save some people from that!  I love to travel… haven’t done as much as I’d like to, but as soon as my kids are out of the house (5 more years!) LOL … my husband and I are selling the house and heading out!   I’m actually serious 🙂  You can also talk to me about living in L.A., and being in the “business” … both my husband and son are actors and we spend a lot of time on set – if you’re interested in getting into it or getting your kids into it, chat me up.  Or if you are interested in how to work shooting head shots into your biz, I can help there too. I can also talk about having a special needs kid – my son has autism and I’m 100% okay talking to anyone and everyone about how awesome he and all kids with autism are – I’m a huge advocate for awareness and acceptance.  I’m a pretty open book – I’ll talk about whatever, literally…  and I love meeting new people – so hit me up!

I’ll be shooting: Natural light – either with a reflector or, more importantly, finding natural reflectors using my surroundings.  I try and emulate natural posing (I don’t do a ton of fashion poses) – my senior clients like to look like themselves “on their best day” – my market very much wants to look editorial,  not super posed or over the top.  However, for the event, I’m planning on doing some “styled” shooting (ie. I’ll have some props/fashion-related items).  I’m working on coming up with some interesting and fun outfits/hair and makeup combos – something different but not super crazy 🙂  Think fun, modern, boho chic, a tad grunge and maybe a little avant guard…. and maybe just a few things thrown in to make an already “typical” session just a little more awesome (ie. how to use simple props or accessories to add to a session – a ‘what’s in my prop bag’ sorta thing).  I work with a makeup artist on ALL my senior shoots and I’ll be bringing her with me to the event, so she’ll be available at the shoots as well.  The only artificial light I’ll work with are Ice Lights.

What is one tip you can share with other photographers? Get to know your market – if you’re shooting seniors, you have to know what they’re up to, what they like, where they go, and also be completely in their radar.  They have to identify with you – they want to trust that you’re going to “get” them, that you’re going to understand what kind of images they want (ie. create a consistent brand) – and then you have to be organized, professional and relatable to their parents in order to close the sale.  While finding your style and being creative is obviously important, don’t underestimate the importance of the business of senior photography.

Favorite Drink?: Lemondrop Martini….. it’s Vegas, right?  🙂    Okay, non-alcoholic drink would be Starbucks grande, 4 pump, upside-down caramel macchiato with whip.  Yes, I’m high maintenance.

Anything else you’d like us to know about you?: I’m a mom with 3 kids – boy/girl twins who are 13 and a son with autism who is 15 – and they are the most important part of my life, hands down.  I’ve been married to an actor for 14 years (that’s interesting..) who I met in a bar in LA.  Originally from Louisiana – born and raised – and moved to LA at 25.  My Dad is a photographer and I learned to how to shoot from him (film, of course).  I was a Kappa Kappa Gamma in college (LSU).  I love going to see concerts and literally NEED music in my life every day.  I have a degree in Psychology.  For me, life is about connection.  And so is photography – I’m most happy when I feel a connection between myself and my client, and that’s my main goal for every session.

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