Complete Senior Model Marketing and Fashion Show Workshop Bundle

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A special workshop bundle that includes the 3 girls Model Program and the 3 girls Fashion Show Workshop.

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Special Two Workshop Bundle:
Senior Model Program and Fashion Show Workshop


Experiential Marketing for high school seniors.


3 girls photography has used their annual Fashion Show in combination with their Model Program to create and grow their senior portrait business. Jen Basford started 3 girls photography 6 years ago out of her house with one model and word of mouth, and has grown her senior business into a 3500 sq ft dream studio. This special workshop bundle includes the two main marketing pieces that drives her highly successful senior business. This has resulted in establishing their studio as a must-have experience for high school seniors.


Both the Fashion Show and Model Program are designed to reach and connect with high school seniors. These key marketing strategies are very different from your typical model program. The issue with most model programs and marketing strategies in the current market is that they are highly “transactional,” and fail to get to the core of what really resonates with high school seniors.


What’s successful about the 3 girls Fashion Show is that it hits key hot buttons with seniors:


  • A Sense of Belonging
  • A Degree of Fame
  • It’s Cool and Fun
  • It is a Low Key Style of Marketing – seniors don’t need to shamelessly pimp the studio
  • Cause Marketing  – this generation speaks with their money


As an added benefit 3 girls photography is able to create and capitalize on partner marketing before, during and after the show. The Fashion Show gives Jen’s studio the credibility and authority needed to establish themselves as the leader in the senior portrait market in her area. This creates openings for partnerships with businesses that hit her target market clients, such as fashion boutiques, professional services, salons and more.


The 3 girls Fashion Show strengthens and grows the studio’s social media and online presence each year due largely to the buzz marketing it creates and the models’ interaction with friends online. By growing their audience each year it has grown their studio presence, client base, and brand recognition exponentially.


Both the Fashion Show and Model Program create a relationship and unique experience that has senior clients (and tweens) actively seeking out their studio.


Running a Model Program and putting on a Fashion Show event is a big undertaking, but one that is worth all of the benefits it brings to your studio, your brand, and your presence in the senior portrait market in your area.  3 girls photography has been putting on a sold-out fashion show for over 6 years, and Jen has run the national Senior Portrait Artists fashion show for the last 3 years that the organization was around.  She knows what works, where to find models, where to save money, where and how to find clothes, and most importantly how to avoid costly mistakes – they have done all the work for you and laid it out in a simple-to-follow, go-at-your-own-pace 11 video workshop complete with a Fashion Show Guide and templates. 


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