Seniors Ignite Models

We are SO EXCITED to announce the official launch of Seniors Ignite Models!!

We are pumped at how Seniors Ignite Models can grow your studio and take it to the next level.  So what is this all about?

Last year, Senior Portrait Artists held its final event – Next is Now – at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri.  I have been a part of spa for almost 6 years, and LOVED being intimately involved with the organization, the growth, and the ‘family’ that was spa.  It was a KEY part of the growth and brand of my studio, and I am SO thankful for everything that spa was.

At the beginning of this year, the Antisdels passed the reins to me – spa had achieved its goals and it was time for the next chapter in senior portrait photography education to begin.  I wanted spa to retain its full value as the great organization that it was, and the vision we had for the next level in senior portrait education was heading in a different direction.

Seniors Ignite launched this year to bring you the BEST in senior portrait photography education from the next level senior portrait photographers.  Through free blog posts and video content, online workshops and senior education for purchase, and an annual event unlike any senior photography event you’ve ever attended.

But one of the things we LOVED about spa was the spa model program!  This was SO key to our growth and success at our studio.  It has SO much potential, and we have SOOOOO many ideas!!

And so, Seniors Ignite Models was born.

This program is intended to help you set your studio apart from other photographers.  To help you create a ‘blue ocean’ studio – one that has no direct competition – and that creates an unparalleled experience for your seniors.

Seniors Ignite Models will be part of the annual Seniors Ignite Event in the spring.  Applications for the 2013 Seniors Ignite Event in San Diego, California, on March 3rd through the 6th will be accepted beginning on Monday, June 11th.  We are PUMPED to bring you the event that will take you to the next level in your senior business!

Attending studios can submit models into the national Seniors Ignite Model contest.  Winning models will be able to attend the national Seniors Ignite event in the spring of 2013 to model for some of the most talented senior portrait photographers in the nation.  It is TRULY the experience of a lifetime!!!

Seniors Ignite Model entries are DUE by Thursday, November 1st, 2012.  Finalists will be announced on Friday, November 16th, and placed on the national site.  National winners will be notified prior to Friday, November 30th, when all winners will be announced online.

This is YEAR ROUND marketing for your studio.  The marketing and publicity will continue all year long with your model images, winners, and exclusive opportunities.

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY.  The application process for the 2013 Seniors Ignite Event in San Diego, California, is open.  Apply NOW and get started marketing Seniors Ignite Models to your 2013 seniors.  And GET INVOLVED!  We are SO excited to have you a part of the Seniors Ignite Family.

Peace and popsicles :)

Also: Download the Free Model guide: the Insiders Guide to the Seniors Ignite Model Program and How it Helps Grow Your Senior Business. Download it here





jen basford
Jen Basford is best known for high school senior portraits and the annual must-see fashion show she puts on for upcoming seniors each spring. She owns a 3,500-square-foot, custom-designed studio in Edmond, OK, and markets to a high-end boutique clientele. In fact, she has become one of the top senior portrait photographers in the Midwest largely due to her out-of-the-box approach to marketing and client relationships. Read Full Bio and View Images
jen basford
jen basford


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