Instilling Confidence


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Cherie Phelps of C Phelps Photography talks about the value of instilling worth in your senior portrait clients!

Cherie Phelps
"The way I see it, my key role as a portrait artist is to create an environment where the personality, beauty and individuality of my client is expressed without reservation – and then, in that moment of vulnerability, captured for all time." - Cherie Phelps, CPP Cherie Phelps, CPP, owner of C. Phelps Photography in Gretna NE, is a national award-winning photographer, and Nebraska’s Senior Photographer of Year for 2011, 2012 and 2013. Although she photographs a number of different clients, Cherie’s studio specializes in senior photography and with a background in the fashion industry as a professional hair and makeup artist, fashion stylist, and freelance fashion photographer, she brings a high-end electricity to her images. She credits a handful of highly-regarded photographers that have helped her to achieve award-winning status and as a result, she loves to spill her guts- teaching other photographers how to take their images to the next level.  Read Full Bio and View Images
Cherie Phelps
Cherie Phelps
Cherie Phelps

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