How to Market the Seniors Ignite Model Program


The Seniors Ignite Model program was created to help set your studio apart from other photographers. It was designed to create buzz for your studio and an unparalleled experience for your seniors.

Our goal is to help you create a ‘blue ocean’ studio – one that has no direct competition. For that reason, the Seniors Ignite Model Program is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, rather it is meant to be tailored to your studio’s specific needs.

Seniors Ignite Models is a key part of the annual Seniors Ignite Event.  Accepted studios can submit models into the national Seniors Ignite Model contest.  Winning models will be able to attend the national Seniors Ignite event in February of 2014 to model for some of the most talented senior portrait photographers in the nation.  It is TRULY the experience of a lifetime!!!

This is YEAR ROUND marketing for your studio.  The marketing and publicity will continue all year long with your model images, winners, and exclusive opportunities. The Seniors Ignite Model program opens up many creative marketing opportunities to work with your models throughout the year, giving you an edge over other photographers.

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An Overview of  the Seniors Ignite Model Program

Marketing Materials

Once you’re registered you’ll receive all the materials you need to promote the Seniors Ignite Model program for your studio.

  • Posters
  • Comp Cards
  • Post Cards
  • The Insiders Guide to Marketing the Model Program
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Seniors Ignite Model Marketing Materials



The Seniors Ignite Models Website

Seniors Ignite Models Website

All winning models will be featured on the Seniors Ignite Models site in the Model Gallery.

Once accepted to the Seniors Ignite Model Program, you will be listed as an exclusive photographer on the Seniors Ignite Models site.

We know that from working with other model programs in the past, high school seniors are excited about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and therefore seek out photographers in their local area who are a part of this event.

Marketing & Social Media Promotion

On the Seniors Ignite Models Facebook Page we will post random model images, as well as behind-the-scenes videos, throughout the year to keep buzz going year-round. Each week/month we will feature a winning model from the event. Seniors Ignite Models is also promoted with:

  • Facebook Contests
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube


Model  Shoots

Models will be photographed on location by several of the leading senior portrait photographers in the nation, as well as by their winning photographer.

Models will be portraying the upcoming fashion trends on location, which will provide unique and fashion-forward marketing materials for attending studios.  Winning studios will receive all images photographed of their model at the event, and may present these images to their model in the format they choose.

Winning models will also be featured in videos for upcoming senior fashion trends, and showcased year round on the Seniors Ignite Models website and Facebook page.

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Seniors Ignite Top Girl Model Winner Meghan Martell

Seniors Ignite Top Guy Model Winner Meghan Martell


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The Insiders Guide to the Seniors Ignite Model Program

We’ve put together this Free guide: the Insiders Guide to the Seniors Ignite Model Program and How it Helps Grow Your Senior Business

The Free Ebook Guide Includes:

  • Ideas and Strategies for Marketing the Seniors Ignite Model Program
  • How to Pay for the Model Program
  • Why this is the Key to Marketing to Seniors
  • How the Seniors Ignite Model Program can set you apart in your area

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Images from the 2013 Seniors Ignite Model Shoots in San Diego