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Senior Photography Success Mini Course


A 10-part mini course that covers the foundations for a successful senior business.


  • Tips for shooting without an assistant
  • Off camera flash and outdoor lighting
  • What to do when clients say you’re too expensive
  • Cutting edge fashion lighting techniques
  • Manipulating the sun and other natural light tips
  • Mobile marketing strategies for reaching high school seniors
  • Glam the dress session idea
  • How to pose high school seniors
  • Marketing ideas for getting more seniors in the door
  • Order boosting incentives to raise your average sale
  • How to light and post athletes
  • Fashion Lookbook marketing idea
  • Location scouting tips
  • High level retouching techniques
  • Concept shoot cheat sheets
  • Selling tips
  • Workflow tips
  • Exclusive senior studio tours

FREE GUIDE: 12 Low Cost Marketing Ideas


Use this guide for 12 budget friendly ideas to help you get more clients and grow your senior business

Whether you are new to the business, or if you’ve been in the industry for years. Even if you’re in an area where Senior Portraits aren’t in high demand, this free guide will give you great budget friendly ideas that you can use to grow your senior photography business.

What’s Inside:

  • Marketing to Seniors with Facebook Contests
  • Referral ideas for attracting the right seniors
  • Low cost ideas that bring in cash flow during slow times
  • Partnering with sports teams
  • and more

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