Experiential Marketing for High School Seniors

The high school senior market is a highly competitive one, and standing out in a marketplace where everyone is a photographer becomes more of a challenge each year. It seems like every photographer – both amateur and established – is offering some type of model program to seniors. That along with the fact that high school seniors are indifferent to traditional forms of advertising, makes it harder to get senior clients in your door.

So what appeals to high school seniors? How can you get more qualified senior clients in your door? What can you do to convince them that your studio is the place to go? How do you break through?

To start with, you must create both an experience and a relationship.  3 girls photography has created a unique experience that has senior clients (and tweens) actively seeking out their studio.  They aren’t chasing clients down and giving away the farm with discounts and freebies.

The Annual 3 girls Fashion Show – Experiential Marketing

3 girls photography has used their annual Fashion Show in combination with their model program to create and grow their senior portrait business.  This has resulted in establishing their studio as a must-have experience for high school seniors.

The Fashion Show is a way to reach and connect with high school seniors. This is a key element to the 3 girls model program, which itself is very different from your typical model program. The issue with most model programs and marketing strategies in the current market is that they are highly “transactional,” and fail to get to the core of what really resonates with high school seniors.

What’s successful about the 3 girls Fashion Show is that it hits key hot buttons with seniors:

  • A Sense of Belonging
  • A Degree of Fame
  • It’s Cool and Fun
  • It is a Low Key Style of Marketing – seniors don’t need to shamelessly pimp the studio
  • Cause Marketing  – this generation speaks with their money

As an added benefit 3 girls photography is able to create and capitalize on partner marketing before, during and after the show. The Fashion Show gives Jen’s studio the credibility and authority needed to establish themselves as the leader in the senior portrait market in her area. This creates openings for partnerships with businesses that hit her target market clients, such as fashion boutiques, professional services, salons and more.

The 3 girls Fashion Show strengthens and grows the studio’s social media and online presence each year due largely to the buzz marketing it creates and the models’ interaction with friends online. By growing their audience each year it has grown their studio presence, client base, and brand recognition exponentially.

Learn more about the 3 girls annual fashion show.


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